Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Makeup Haul ! Boots/topshop/superdrug

Hello Beauties!
If you read al of my posts, you will of known I went shopping on sunday. And I bought the whole pf boots back home ;) all of these items are drugstore, a lot more affordable than my benefit stuff! Anyways sorry for yet another haul , but enjoy! 
We went to boots first. I headed to the collection stand for the concealer, but they didnt have it in my colour. But I spotted this gorge nude lipstick. Its from the deluxe range in 03 Charlston . 
I next went over to the maybelline stand. 
£4.99 I got this in shade 65- pink gold. 
Then finally, to rimmel. 

Then off we trotted ( well we actually ran coz it was wet ) to topshop. 
The black line on my hand is what it look likes. 
The pink sploge to the left of the eyeliner is the colour. This is in the shade flush . It is a cream blush. 

Finally superdrug. 
This eye primer was sold out in boots where it was £3.99. It got it in superdrug for £4.99. Damn ;) 
I have been told these are amazing and for £2.50, I am not sure. I will review this pallete when I use it.

That is all for this haul ( sorta ryhmed ?) . Hope you enjoyed! Also, please follow if you havent already. I am SO close to 40! By xmas I really want 50 of you chic geeks =D 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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