Thursday, 24 October 2013

My holiday in Portugal!

Hello Beauties! 
As I write this I am chilling by the pool in my bikini. I wish. The weather in portugal has been bad so far :( but its been a relaxing holiday. We havent really done much, but thats good. 
Anyhoo here are my makeup ,hair and OOTD's for the holiday! I am leaving tomorrow so i will not be showing you what i wear tomorrow. Or what I wear to dinner tonight. I wanted to post today coz it keeps the posts regular. Also I wil not be explaining all the makeup looks ( they are all quite similar) but if you want a tutorial on any looks feel free to comment asking for one! Also if you wanna know where outfits are from, ask in the comments :) 

My hair was in a low pony.


My hair was the same. 

I wore no makeup and my hair was down .
( the tights I wore had a cute bow print ) 


I  am makeup free today! 

So yeah, sorry there are SO MANY pics, but you guys seem to like these posts and it was easy for me to do ( lazy blogger alert) . I hope you enjoyed it. 
Have a happy friday tomorrow and I'll post on saturday. 
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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