Sunday, 13 October 2013

What Store?

Hello beauties! 
Today I am going to share with you my favourite stores for certain things! There is probally a tag like this in the blogging world but anyhoo, I am going to make this a tag! 

Here we go : 

What is your favourite store for ? :  

Its gotta be new look. Yes , I love my boots from office, but new look is great for affordable, stylish shoes.

Topshop. God they have a lot of jeans! All great quality too. 

Debenhams. The jumpers are good quality . They also have so many designs. Only bad thing is they are quite pricey. 

H&m. They have a whole section called best basics! I get slouchy tees, vests and cardis from this range. LOVE it. 

Topshop. I mean , kate middleton wears their dresses! I love the variety. There is something for everyone.

For hoodies, I like my brands so I will have to say hollister or jack wills. They are way overpriced, but really fluffy! And a great variety in colours and designs.

Primark! Bad quality, but cheap! You cannot really go wrong. 

So, what store? : Topshop! 
Topshop featured as my fave in two of the catagories above. Yay topshop! 

Thats the tag! I tag any of you reading this to take part. You know you want to ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post . I will not have too much time next week to post coz im away.
Ta ta!xxxxxxxx

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