Sunday, 6 October 2013

Winter Haul

Hello Beauties!
Today I am going to be sharing with you some things I bought today to add to my winter wardrobe! I really bought all the essentials so its not very interesting, but I will be ordering online the cool, more exciting stuff soon so watch this space! 
First off, I went to office,  which is not a whole sale office items shop ( I always thought that) but a shoe shop. As you know I really wanted patent leather doc martens, but they were all too wide. But I came home with these lovely beings : 
What I really like about them is they are versitile: 
These were £70 and the brand is blowfish. 

Next , I headed to h&m and bought some basics. I want a few other things from h&m , but they were not in stock :( 

Next , I headed to new look. 
Vests were £2.99 each. I thought they were quite autumnal colours ;) 

Finally from new look, I got a SLOUCHY CARDI. I got it in grey beacause the cream colour did not look as nice in real life :( 

And then I went to topshop. 
The colour is showing differently on camera :( 
I went into hollister looking for jeans, but none fitted well so I went to topshop. These were £38 , imstead of the £54 i could of payed in hollister :O 

Thats it of winter clothes today! When I get everything I might do a lookbook, coz I enjoy reading those :) 
Hope you enjoyed this post, and remember to check out the JOALLAP blog as well! 

Ta ta!xxxxxxxx


  1. I absolutely love the grey cardigan! It's beautiful! Love, love, love this haul! Great post! xx

    1. Yeah I was really pleased with it! Thank you, it means a lot.


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