Saturday, 30 November 2013

Benefit makeup time!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So part of my birthday present was to go to the benefit counter in boots and be given a little 'makeup tutorial'. My birthday was back in june so yes, I didnt know much about makeup then, but as its nearly december now (tomorrow WHOOP!) I do know a fair bit (hence the blog) . But anyways, you can never learn enough and I have to say, I know so much more now! 
Finished look! 
I used to think I was alright at doing brows, but I do not even know how she has made them so perfect! 
I am so glad I did it, i feel in my tutorials now I can do things which I know will work . If you are a bit stuck with makeup, I would highly advise you buy one high end makeup kit/set ,then go to the counter and get taught how to use it! 

The experience made me SO inspired , I cleaned my brushes! 
I am getting real technique ones for xmas. 

And I also bought the benefit 'Rockateur ' blush. Now she said I would suit coral blushes ( I asked) and she came back with 3. When she showed me this I thought NO WAY. But she swatched it and it looked georgeous! Also everytime you get a slightly different look. 
You can sort of see it 

So yeah! Thats it, hope you enjoyed this post ( as always) 
Tomorrow is decemeber and my goal was 50 followers by xmas. That means I need to get  7 followers in 25 days . I could of got more followers this month, it was just such a busy month. So I am lowering my standards and hoping for 3 new followers this month. 
Anyways, talk tomorrow! 
Byeeeee! xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chistmas#2 : Beauty Gifts!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Whoop its the second xmas post! I am just SUPER excited for christmas. Its kind of weird :D so here are my top five beauty gifts this xmas! Also , if these dont take your fancy, just check out the boots xmas catalogue! ;)

1. Benefit sets! 
These are kinda pricey, but SO worth it! The include cute mini products . Check out any of them, you will fall in love! 

2. Maybelline Baby lips
These are completely opposite end of the scale when it comes to price, but I love these! Everyone will love you for getting them. 

3. Tangle teaser
This brush will change your life. It comes in all different colours as well, perfect for getting for friends. 

4. Eyeshadow palletes!  
 Eyeshadow palletes are great presents. From £4 to £40 , 3 shades to 13 shades, it is so easy to find one for your reciever! Welll theres so much choice it can be hard actually;) I recommend Sleek, Benefit, MUA , N.o7 , Stilla and TooFaced. 

5. Makeup brushes
These are deffo on my list! You cant really go wrong. And theres budjet ones and high end. I have heard great things about real techniques as well .

So thats it, hope you enjoyed this post and have been inspired to buy beauty prezzies or , even ask for beauty related presents! ONLY 31 DAYS TILL XMAS AASFFGHHHJFKEIIEIS 
Byeee! xxx

How to style : Accessories!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
As promised, here is a picture heavy post on ways to style accessories. I still have an eye infection, so no makeup tutorial today, but there will be a beauty post up today or tuesday , and another xmas post up today. 

1. Beanies! 

2. Scrunchies 
3. Clips
4. Scarfs 
( i know the scarf doesnt match my top haha)

So thats it! I hope you have enjoyed this post and remember to follow! 50 by xmas! Lets try and do that. 
Byeeeeee! xxx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas#1 Stocking Fillers!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Maybe its a little bit too early to be thinking about christmas, but all the xmas stock is on the shops, members of my family want suggestions , so i thought I would start my Christmas Series!

 Up until Christmas, one of my posts each week will be to do with xmas, such as prezzie ideas, decorations, christmas baking and lots more! Then my other weekend post will be a makeup tutorial and during the week you will be getting two posts of whatever I fancy. 

I will be doing 3 gift guides: stocking fillers, beauty gifts and gifts for your family. Anyhoo lets get on with it! 

1. Lip Balm 
Lip balms are perfect as a little gift for someone, or something you would like in your stocking. They are  perfect for winter especially , so your lips will be perfect. A favourite lip balm of mine are the body shops born lippys. 

2. Snood 
Snoods are really in at the moment. They are like scarves, but all joined up ( if that makes sense). They are reletively cheap and are sosososo comfy. H&M do great ones in loads of colours . 
3. Candles 
Maybe you will think this is weird, but I have been loving candles this autumn/winter! I think little mini sweet smelling candles would be perfect as a little gift. My mum has the funky county candles all over the house . (LINK : ) and in my room I have little cute ones. My friend gave me this one and I love it! 
4. Slipper Socks
Like dont even diss them. I think these are perfect for anyone! Little kids, grandmas, teens, adults . They are so soft and fluffy , whats not to like! I really want some christmas themed ones. That would be perfect. 

5. Notebook and pen
Everyone needs them whether they like it or not, so it is great for christmas coz then they have one for the start of the year! Check out paperchase for little notepads, they will not disappoint ! 
6. Vests and basic items of clothing
Vests are cheap to buy and most are long lasting. Great for summer as a top, winter as a layer or pjaymas . I love the gilly hicks/hollister vests. 
7. Beauty sets
This sounds odd, but what I mean is makeup brush sets, manicure sets etc. these things are always out around xmas and are just perfect. Most of these gift sets are quite cheap and small so great for stockings! :D 

8. Phone Case 
I love getting new phone cases as it changes my phone up a little bit. Everyone has a phone (pretty much ) and most cases are under a tenner . Amazon have such a huge selection as well . 
My phone case. 

I hope this post helped you get some ideas and as always, I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry I havent posted this week, everything has been crazy, tell you more tomorrow! 
Byeee! xxx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fresh and Natural 'Daytime Date' Makeup tutorial!

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
I have not done a proper makeup tutorial in a while now. I have been busy doing halloween ones, so if you like these posts, keep reading! 
This makeup can really be worn at anytime, and if you add to it, it could be a night look. Personally I would wear this look on a date. 

As always, lets start with the face! 
I am applying benefit PORE fessional to problem areas on my face. 
Then I am applying maybelline dream fresh bb cream all over my face. If you have acne, I would recommend you use a foundation. 
Then on spots and under my eyes, I am using my benefit boi-ing concealer. I would use my collection 2000 one,  but it has nearly ran out. 
To set all of this, I am using my rimmel stay matte powder. 
Next up, brows! I am combing my brows and LIGHTLY penciling them in using the Lancome le crayon kohl eyeliner pencil. 

Now, eyemakeup. Prime your eyes using the rimmel exagerate eye shadow primer. 
Then , using my sleek pallete, I will highlight my brow bone with the white colour. 
( boo the pallete broke ) 
Then in the crease, blend in the brown colour.
On the lid , I am using the pinky colour from the MUA trio pallete 
Also apply some white to the inner corners. 
Now apply your fave mascara to your upper lashes. Also I think sleek and MUA are exclusive to the uk, so if you live overseas, all you need is a brown , a white and a shimmery pink. 

Back to the face ! :0 
I am applying a cream blush to the apples of my cheeks. Mine is quite a bright pink, but I apply hardly any and it gives me a natural look. 
On the lips I am applying my maybelline baby lips in cherry me. But any tinted lipbalm you want would work. 
So this is the full , date look! 
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would wear this look sometime. I am pleased to have done another tutorial , havent done a proper one in a while!
Byeee! xxxxxx

**p.s I was thinking of getting twitter for this blog  , so comment below if you think thats a good idea. Also if I do get it comment if you are good at using twitter coz I will probs be very confused! ** 

Playlist : 5 songs for 5 emotions

Heyy ! Its phoebs :)
I have never actually done a playlist before so this is new! Comment below if you like these. 
I feel like this post and the this or that beauty tag have been a bit .... Generic. This week is my first week back at school after half term, so I am just getting back into the whole blogging during the week. 

Emotion : happy
Song : heres to never growing up ( AVRIL LAVIGNE)
I love this song! Its so upbeat and great to listen to. 

Emotion: angry 
Song : I love it ( ICONA POP) 
This song is upbeat but still gets out all your anger. 

Emotion : Confused 
Song : the show ( LENKA ) 
This song really isnt well known, but if you have watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, you will know it. I love this song so much . 'Im just a little girl lost in the moment , Im so scared, but I dont show it " 

Emotion : heartbroken 
Song : can't hold us ( MACKLEMORE) 
This is a weird one and you might disagree. But when I feel like that , rap really helps me. Dont knock it till you try it ;) you can always rely on taylor swit though (: 

Emotion : sad 
Song: let her go ( PASSENGER) 
Awh this song is just so sad/cute! I cannot fault it. 

Hope you enjoyed my playlist for 5 different emotions. Whats your favourite song? Comment below :)
Byeee! xxxxxx