Saturday, 30 November 2013

Benefit makeup time!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So part of my birthday present was to go to the benefit counter in boots and be given a little 'makeup tutorial'. My birthday was back in june so yes, I didnt know much about makeup then, but as its nearly december now (tomorrow WHOOP!) I do know a fair bit (hence the blog) . But anyways, you can never learn enough and I have to say, I know so much more now! 
Finished look! 
I used to think I was alright at doing brows, but I do not even know how she has made them so perfect! 
I am so glad I did it, i feel in my tutorials now I can do things which I know will work . If you are a bit stuck with makeup, I would highly advise you buy one high end makeup kit/set ,then go to the counter and get taught how to use it! 

The experience made me SO inspired , I cleaned my brushes! 
I am getting real technique ones for xmas. 

And I also bought the benefit 'Rockateur ' blush. Now she said I would suit coral blushes ( I asked) and she came back with 3. When she showed me this I thought NO WAY. But she swatched it and it looked georgeous! Also everytime you get a slightly different look. 
You can sort of see it 

So yeah! Thats it, hope you enjoyed this post ( as always) 
Tomorrow is decemeber and my goal was 50 followers by xmas. That means I need to get  7 followers in 25 days . I could of got more followers this month, it was just such a busy month. So I am lowering my standards and hoping for 3 new followers this month. 
Anyways, talk tomorrow! 
Byeeeee! xxx

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