Saturday, 2 November 2013

October Favourites!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
It is the 2nd of november , WOW. I swear last week was august or something? ;) 
As much as school is a chore, I cannot disagree that it has flown by. Now. I cannot wait for CRIMBO/XMAS/CHRISTMAS! Though all the family want present suggestions and that stresses me out coz I have no clue what I want! I am currently DROOLING over everything in the boots (drugstore) catologue right now. I want it all! 
 Here is my lil list of what I want so far. I know i will probally change my mind by monday. Oops 
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift 
Real Techniques Core Collection 
Babyliss Deep Waver 

ANYHOO , on with the favourites! 
Makeup : 
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation 
I always love this when I use it, and in october I used it quite a bit! It give a flawlesss finish, long coverage and it is not cakey. 
Maybelline Colour Tatoo 24hr in Shade 65 - Pink Gold. 
I have gotten a bit sloppy and samey with eyemakeup - but I love this stuff so much! If you havemt heard of it, it is a cream eyeshadow that is just gorge. 

Topshop Cream Blush in Flush
When everyone sees the colour they think it is FAR too bright. But I feel like a little of this goes a long way. It adds a fresh glow to the cheeks. 
Benefit Pore fessional 
My mum bought this for me at the airport. And I love it. It is a tinted primer. I apply this below my makeup, on problem areas on my skin. Then with bb cream and concealer, this look can be enough coverage for me. 
(Its well loved) 
Rimmel Exaggerate Under Cover Shadow Primer
I bought this coz it was the only cheap eye primer I could find. I have used this most weekends in october. <3 


Whats not to like! It is all warm and cozy. 

Instagram! I just got instagram and AM ADDICTED . I have thought about sharing it with you guys but I feel this will be my personal one. 
Shopping! Well when do I not love this? Seriously, I have gone on shopping OVERLOAD . Oops. 
Prawn Crackers! I have made my mum keep getting these throught october. Mwahah
Halloween ! I went as a powerpuff girl for halloween. I will probs post pics later this evening. Hope you all had a happy halloween, whatever you were doing. 

Final thing, Geek Chic Notes reached 2000pageviews! Thank you all so much it is crazy to think that my little blog has been read 2000 times. 
I have one month and 25 days to reach 50 followers. I am stuck on 39 at the moment, it would litterally make my day if you reading this now , followed. Unless you already are following. Then yay   I love you! I ideally want 5 more followers this month , so then I need 6 in xmas. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I am going back to school on monday, so I will try and post as regular as possible.
Byeee! xxxxxx

P.s if you wanna find out more about me ,check out this weeks GOALLAP post! :


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