Sunday, 3 November 2013

Playlist : 5 songs for 5 emotions

Heyy ! Its phoebs :)
I have never actually done a playlist before so this is new! Comment below if you like these. 
I feel like this post and the this or that beauty tag have been a bit .... Generic. This week is my first week back at school after half term, so I am just getting back into the whole blogging during the week. 

Emotion : happy
Song : heres to never growing up ( AVRIL LAVIGNE)
I love this song! Its so upbeat and great to listen to. 

Emotion: angry 
Song : I love it ( ICONA POP) 
This song is upbeat but still gets out all your anger. 

Emotion : Confused 
Song : the show ( LENKA ) 
This song really isnt well known, but if you have watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, you will know it. I love this song so much . 'Im just a little girl lost in the moment , Im so scared, but I dont show it " 

Emotion : heartbroken 
Song : can't hold us ( MACKLEMORE) 
This is a weird one and you might disagree. But when I feel like that , rap really helps me. Dont knock it till you try it ;) you can always rely on taylor swit though (: 

Emotion : sad 
Song: let her go ( PASSENGER) 
Awh this song is just so sad/cute! I cannot fault it. 

Hope you enjoyed my playlist for 5 different emotions. Whats your favourite song? Comment below :)
Byeee! xxxxxx

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