Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 Favourites Part 2: Random

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading my beauty favourites post, if you havent read that go check it out :

Now its on woth the random favourites! 

Book: Looking for Alaska. It is just so amazing! I cannot describe it. Well I can, coz I did a book review on it, which you can check out here :

Film: I really enjoyed Now You See Me, which is a film about magicians commitimg crimes through magic. Its so interesting, go watch!

Shop: This year I got really into topshop, but also I have to say boots! Most of my makeup is  from there , and without the makeup ,there would be no blog! 

Website: Yahoo OMG. It is a celeb gossip site , and I check it most days to be honest! (i think thats the web adress, if that fails just type yahoo omg into google)

Social media: FACEBOOK. I check this like a gazillion times a day? =D 

Blog: On twitter, I said my top five (my twitter - @ThisChicGeek ) but I have not hated anyones blog really! Followers, I love all your blogs  :)

Youtube:  This year, I really discovered youtube and have been through phases of whos my fave. My top 3 are Zoella, PointlessBlog and MarcusButler. I also love Beauty2047. She is a 13 year old Canadian who makes AWESOME beauty vids!

Song : My music is mainly older stuff , so songs released this year that I love are Demons and Radioactive by imagin dragons. God their music is powerful. Need their album!

Trend: selfies! I mean I dont take selfies THAT much, but of selfies wernt a trend, I would look weird taking so many pics! =D

Place: Colonge Christmas Markets. The german trip was DEFFO a trip to remeber, it was so magical and it felt so Christmassy.  (plus the crepes were AMAZE) 

Food: no new foods that I have tried this year that I would say is my favourite :S

Item: My ukulele. I mean, without it I wouldnt of started song writing :0 

I hope you enjoyed the 2nd part of this Favourites post, tomorrow I will post my soppy/mushy/cheesy (sorry guys) 2013 year in summary. So look forward to that! ;)
Byeeeeee! xxx


  1. hi! I love your blog and i just wanted to let you know it features in my 2013 favourites!

  2. you NEED the Imagine Dragons album (Night Visions). It's one of those albums where pretty much every song is great. Happy New Year x

    1. Yeah, I bet its amazing. Wil get it asap haha . Happy new year! xx


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