Saturday, 21 December 2013

Drugstore Makeup Haul: Collection, Sleek, H&M, Maybelline

Heyy! Its phoebs (: 

So I feel like I havent done a haul in a while and I love reading other peoples haul posts so i thought I would do one for you guys today! Some lf the things included in this haul were bought for me by friends as xmas presents. And I am 100% not trying to brag, i just thought you may be interested!

So first off , lets start with presents. I have been drooling over my friends Sleek Pallete FOREVER so I was so happy when she gave me one for xmas! It is the Sleek I-Divine Au Naturale pallete.

Then another present I got was the limited eddition BabyLips! It is a clear balm called Cherry Velvet 

Now onto what I actually bought myself :) 
When I was in germany I bought 2 H&M duo lipglosses. I just realised why there is two in one though! One is shimmery, one is not. I didnt even notice! They were €2.95 each. There might not be the exact same product in the UK but there will be the same colours I am sure . 
Wanna see the red lipgloss in a tutorial? LINK:

Then in Boots a couple of days ago, I went to the collection stand to repurchase my Lasting Perfection concealer. They had it in every shade except mine! So with £15 in my hands I decided to try out their other concealers. I got the Illuminating Touch concealer and the CoverStick. I could say a LOT about these two but I will probably do a comparision of those two and the Lasting Perfection one. 
(Top : Iluminating touch, Bottom : Cover Up Stick) 

And finally at the collection stand, I was going to get Lasting Perfection Foundation because I couldnt find the concealer. And also because my mini of a benefit foundation is running out and I cannot afford the full sized one right now. But they only had dark shades of the Lasting Perfection Foundation so I picked up the colour match one, which has qualities like the benefit foundation. I LOVETHIS STUFF. Review soon I can assure you ;) 

So I hope you enjoyed this haul, for once I am happy with every single purchase so far! Stay tuned on this blog this evening for xmas decorations! :)
Merry Christmas! xxxxxx


  1. I absolutely love the eyeshadows! They're gorgeous! I love the last 3 on the top row. Great post! xx

    1. I was so happy when I opened the pallete! I like all the shimmery ones best. Thank you!
      Merry Xmas xxx


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