Saturday, 21 December 2013

Four Days of Festivity!

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 

Ok so before I go on with my christmas bloggy plans, earlier this month , Geek Chic Notes has its 6 month aniversary! I have had little silly blogs in the past and this is by far the longest I have kept a blog. And to have 44 followers .... I never expected that. I know its not a lot compared to some of your blogs, but its overwhelming for me! By the end of January I am determind for 50. Then after that I will hope for maybe 2 or 3 followers a month? I think its nice to have goals. And who knows, in 6 months time my blog might have just under 100 followers! Now that would be awesome :) 

Ok so there are 4 days till Christmas. Eeeep! Exciting! So here are the posts planned for you 

21st December (today): Christmas decorations tour 
22nd December : Festive sparkles makeup tutorial 
23rd December : Christmas Baking 
24th December :  ok I am really excited for this day! I am going to create a page on the blog called : my christmas eve , and once an hour I am going to update it, tell you what im doing, what im wearing , how excited I am , etc ;) I will keep that page up until 6th of January, but I will only post on it on xmas eve. So its kind of like what the youtubers do for vlogmas, but all written down! I am really excited to be doing this. 

Then on xmas day , if I get a chance to post I will. It would just be like how the day went etc. Then boxing day will be what I got for Christmas post. 

So thats whats happening on Geek Chic Notes this Christmas, hope you are as excited as I am! 
Merry Christmas! xxxxx

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