Sunday, 22 December 2013

Its all about family.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

This post is an OOTD, makeup and hair post, but also a chatty post! God I have thrown it all in there, hehe. 
Anyways, here is my outfit : 
My legs look really weird here haha
So my cardi and leggings are from new look, the black top is h&m and I am not too sure where the necklace is from! (Sorry the pics were bad, havent done this in a while) 


My hair looks slightly wavy today, coz i let it dry naturally. I also got 2 strands from the front of my hair and clipped them back. 

And makeup: 
It is basically a toned down version of my festive makeup look LINK :

On the eyes I just have mascara, my colour tattoo cream eyeshadow and black pencil liner in the corners. 

I remember doing these types of posts way back in the summer :0


So I was thinking of weird traditions me and my family do, so I will name 3. 

1. The Turkey Run
Every year, normally a day or so before Christmas eve, me, my mum and my brother wake up super early and go to m&s and get the turkey my mum ordered. We go normally at 5:30am (crazy) but this year, the m&s only opens at 7 and my mum was outraged haha. We go so early coz there is around a 1 hour queue at any other time of day. So thats the weirdest xmas tradition ever!

2. Breakfast made by moi
My mum is always so stressed by lunch on Christmas Day, one year I offered to do a breakfast buffet. Ever since I have always made breakfast on xmas day! I normally do croissants, waffles, cereals, crumpets and more. 

3. Good Old Hunt The Thimble 
This is the party game we play EVERY YEAR, someone hides the thimble and the rest pf the family have to try and find it on their own. Once you see the thimble, you sit down. The last person standing looses. Is it well known? I dont know haha 

Now what I got my family for xmas! Only my mum knows about my blog and I refuse to tell her the  web adress. So here we go :)
I got my mum: lindt chocolate, a sign saying home (but the O is a heart. Its really nice) and a necklace from the christmas markets in Colonge. 

I got my brother the Bad Education Handbook. He loves that comedy (so do I - I had a long peak through the book , its so funny!) what we do for xmas prezzies is he choses something for himself and I pay for it. Then I wrap it, and its a present! He does that for me to haha. 

Me and my brother got my dad the 100 Pointless Arguments book . Pointless is a stupid bbc quiz show that my dad HATES. Its a joke present really :) 

So thats it! My baking post is up tomorrow so check out that. I hope you enjoyed and keep following!
Merry Christmas! xxxxx


  1. Aww I love your traditions- they're so nice:)

    check out my blog?

    1. Haha thanks =D
      I will be sure to visit xx
      Merry Christmas!


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