Thursday, 19 December 2013

Red Lip Christmas Makeup tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 

Sorry I havent posted in a week I think! I was on a school trip to colonge amd completely forgot to schedule posts. So here I am, back and rearing to go with a classic christmas makeup look. Hope you enjoy!

Starting off with skin, I am using rimmel wake me up foundation. I would rather use my benefit one but I am trying to keep this look as drugstore as possible, just for you ;) 
Then under my eyes I am using the bottom pinky colour from the benefit smokin eyes pallete, and my collection 2000 concealer on blemishes.
To finish off the skin I am using my rimmel stay matte powder.
Skin done! 
For my brows, I use a benefit angeled brush and apply this brow wax by benefit,
And the middle 2 colours in this pic. I just apply it in sparse areas and extend my brows at the end. Finaaly I comb through them and shape the 
Ta dah! 
On my eyes I am using 2 colours from my new sleek pallete. My friend got me the same one she has for xmas coz she knows I love it! I am using the bottom colour I am pointing at in the crease and the top colour over the lid. 
I am toning down the eyes coz of the lip thats coming! 
I am applying this fabby do mascara on top amd bottom lashes. It comes out a bit clumpy so I did try and seperate the lashes.
The eyes are complete now :)

So for the lip, I am using my baby lips in cherry me first, then layers of this h and m duo lipgloss. I got the lipgloss in germany, so german readers and mainland europe readers can deffo get this exact stuff, but I am not sure if this is in the uk. The same colour probably is though!

Baby lips
Baby lips and lipgloss! (Also my

So this is the whole look! 
Poser ;)
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and use it this Christmas season! I am on xmas hols now so expect posts daily! Yay! 
Merry Christmas xxxx


  1. Hope you had fun in Germany! I'm studying German for my Leaving Cert, I'd say it was freezing over there! Great post :) xx

    1. It was really great thanks! It was cold but everyone on the trip just forgot what they looked like and wore many, many layers! Thank you xxx

  2. Great tutorial!<3


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