Sunday, 22 December 2013

Second Day of Festivity! Festive Sparkles Makeup Tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Whoop is the 22nd of decemeber - 3 DAYS! Being me, obviously I have encorperated a tutorial into this mini series. Christmas is really when you can get sparkly isnt it! ;) I think this look is perfect for Christmas Day, a night out or new years eve. Its not green and red sparkles so if you want shimmer , here we go! 
To start off, I am using my collection Cover up Stick over blemishes. Then I am applying the Colour Match foundation. If there are any blemishes still visible, I go over them with the Cover Up Stick. Then under my eyes, down my nose and on the tops of  my cheek bones, I am using the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer. To set, I use the stay matte powder. 

Now for brows. Today I am just penciling them and combing through. 

Now for the sparkle! I am using this maybelline Colour Tattoo all over my lid 
In the crease I am using a mix of the two colours i am pointing at from this MUA trio 

Then from my new sleek pallete, I am using this gorgeous colour in the inner corners 
As a little extra, I am taking the colour tattoo on a brush and bringing it on the lower lash line . 
Now I am curling my lashes and applying maybelline mascara . 
Now I am applying the benefit Rockateur Blush. 
Finally on  the lips I am just applying vasaline to give a subtle shine to the lips 
There is your festive look! Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. 
Merry Christmas! xxxxx


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