Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I got for Christmas Haul!

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
Sorry I havent posted since xmas eve! I just wanted a little break and time to just focus on christmas. But now I'm back and I have 48 of you AND over 3000 pageviews! Thank you guys! If you follow me on twitter ( @ThisChicGeek ) I already mentioned this. ALSO you should follow me on twitter because when I am not blogging,I am on that! Final thanks, for all the lovely feedback on My Christmas Eve (its still up, go view that page while you can) I really enjoyed writing it and I am glad you liked it . 

Now heres my little disclaimer. I am honestly not trying to brag/show off I just wanted to share with you guys what I recieved! Loads of people have these types of posts/videos up around the end of december as well :) 

Lets get going! 

So in my stocking I was very lucky with what I got! The big present in my stocking was the babylis hair wavers. Stupidly, I did not take a picture of my hair when I waved it on boxing day, but it looked really nice and lasted the whole day without hairspray :0
Next up , I got a Stila In the Moment pallete. I love it, but they are not very long lasting! 
I also recieved the Real Techniques core collection! These are so perfect 
I recieved 2 books from santa. OMG the Jemma Kidd makeup one <3
I got some more benefit mascara which is always good :) and finally I got the computer game sims 3. I have become addicted to that, it is kind of scary =D 

Moving on to relatives, from my parents I got a Pandora Bracelet 
I cannot thank my parents enough for this as I know they are quite pricey. I feel very spoilt!
From my brother I got a real techniques eyeshadow shading brush. 

From 1 set of grandparents, I got THE FLUFFIEST DRESSING GOWN EVER KNOWN , nail varnish and a little impulse set :)
From my other grandparents ,i got a lindt reindeer, a gorgeous necklace and the soap and glory Bright and Bubbly set. 
From my uncle and auntie, I got WonderStruck by Taylor Swift perfume. It smells so good, I cant even explain! 
From my other uncle and aunty, I got the bare minerals Loud and Clear lip sheer , which is so handy 
Then from my mums best friend (I call her my aunt - but she moved back to ireland so we never see her any more) I got two DVDS and some headphones. 
I llove the film The Queen. If you havent seen it please watch it, it sounds boring but it really isnt! 

Wow I feel very lucky! I hope you also got amazing xmas prezzies if you celebrate christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading this and tomorrow - roll on the new year posts! Hehe 
Byeeeee! xxx


  1. Wow you got some amazing things for Christmas. Love he curling wand... I have a similar one and love it! :D

    1. I know, the hair waver is great! xx


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