Sunday, 26 January 2014

10 Facts About Me!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So heres a little cheeky wednesday post for you, its something quite quick, hope you dont mind! 

1. My favourite Band is Imagine Dragons. I hate the fact people obsess over a bamd because of their looks and not their music. For me, the music is important, not the looks the people have. 

2. The phone I currently own is a blackberry. When I got mine, they were the thing to have, bbm was the bomb, so I was pretty cool. Now everyones switched to iphones, but I've still got bobby the blackberry coz my contract is still going ( until june) . Also my blackberry is such bad quality, it shuts down all the time. 

3. I have one brother, a dog and my parents are still together. Not too much to say about this, but I am so lucky to have my family. 

4. I am currently choosing whatGCSE'S to do. GCSE'S are exams in most subjects and you take these exams when you are 16. If anyone has studied Dual Award Science, please tell me what it is like and how much the work load is! Never thought I would turn to te internet. Haha. I will probably choose Music, Drama and Geography.

5. My favourite makeup brand is benefit, though I really love sleek. 

6. I go to an all girls school . I love my school, its not as bad as you think it would be. However it has lead me to be slightly more anti social than I would of been if at a mixed school, haha 

7. I sleep with a teddy still. At my age! Admittedly, I end up chucking it on the floor when trying to get tp sleep, but hey.

8. My blackberry just restarted. Seriously? 

9. I write all my blog posts on my ipad, and take all the pics on my ipad as well. My ipad is so handy coz it means I dont have to write posts in the study ( i dont have my own laptop) and I dont have to spend forever taking/uploading pictures 

10. My room is always messy, funnily enough, I tidied my room today, but normally it is a heck of a lot worse. 

 I hope you enjpyed this little post, I may of done one like this yonks ago, so whoopsie! Its updated so its all good :) 
Byeeeee! xxx


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