Sunday, 19 January 2014

3 Beauty Products I want to try!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
I got my fair share of beauty products for christmas and some of which I still havent used! I am posting this so I can remember to use them if I am ever re reading posts. And also for your enjoyment 😉

1. Impulse Body Spray
I used to have a little mini impulse, used it once but then lost it! When I found it a good 6 months later it didnt smell nearly as good as it did. I got the 'Very Pink' scent for xmas which I have never smelt before, so I'm going to give it a whiff. 
Can I just say here I promised myself I would never do a perfume/body spray review coz I coupd never describe the smell! This smells quite floral and sweet, its seems like a great everyday scent? Hope that kinda made sense =D 

2. Soap and Glory Righteous Butter 
I am now obsessed with soap and glory coz of the set this came in, but this is the only product from the set I havent tried! My mums used a bit and said it was great but a bit sticky. I have been told its very thick so I get that. 
Just smelt it and it smells very alike to the Clean On Me shower gel. After my shower tonight, I will use it. This is deffo a candidate for a review in the future!

3. Fearne Cotton Four In One Nail Care Kit. 
I purchased one from poundland which I am loving using , so I just havent felt the need to start using this! I know the poundland one wont last for much longer, it was only a pound after all, so this will get used :)

Thats it, I hope you enjoyed this little  post and whaeey  the week is done ;)
Byeeeeee! xxx

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