Saturday, 25 January 2014

3 techniques, 2 eyes, 1 liquid liner.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
I was in boots today and I have really wanted to try liauid eyeliner, but I was always a bit sacred of them =D I love the soap and glory eyeliner (kohl one - checko ut my review of it at the bottom of thr homepage in the popular posts) so I thought YOLO amd bought it. I am pleased to say I can draw a thin line along my lids with it, as it is like a pen liner. But wings/cat eye? Errm no. Here are my attempts and what I tink of each technique :) 

Top swatch: liquid liner, Bottom swatch: kohl pencil
So I started off with the classic follow from bottom lashline kinda thing. I started on the edge of my lower lash line and drew up. It created good winged liner but not very symetrical .

Attempt 2 was using the placing a post it note at an angle and drawing along it technique. This made the process slighty more fiddly but created 2 good wings, not identica but practice ey? ;)

The final attempt was using my eyebrows as a guidline. I drew from the edge pf my brpws tp my puter corner and along, then rempved the liner which was close to my brow. I found this technique very easy and do able , I think I will keep trying it this way. They were not quite perfect but quite close.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful from a begginer, coz often beauty gurus show you their technique and its harder than it looks to do. I will do a review on this eyeliner soon as well for all pf you. Comment below/tweet me how you do your eyeliner and which one of mine you think looks best. 
Byeeeee! xxxx

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