Friday, 3 January 2014

Book Review : Its Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
The post I have planned for you today is something I havent done in AGES, and if you are an old school chic geek, you will know I used to do these quite a bit haha. I love doing book reviews and I am doing a couple of posts based on my most popular posts and old posts, so a book review had to be thrown in there ;) 

So this book is the second in its series, but I just finished it and loved it so I thought this is a good book to reivew as its fresh in my mind. Heres my plot synopsis : Belly and her family always go and stay with her mums best friends family in the summer and Belly fancies Conrad (the older brother) but Jeremiah fancies Belly . But Susannah (Conrad and Jeremiahs mum) died of cancer so they cant go to the summer house any more. The book is all about Bellys love life and them all trying to save the house. That was a but of a spoiler if you havent read the first book, sorry! =D 
(The actual blurb ) 
The book is a real page turner after the half way point, before it is very good but some flash backs I wanted to skip. All the characters are very real and it is a typical love triangle , but thry have all been through so much together. I love Bellys (her nickname is Belly, but shes actually isabel) personality and how she only thinks of Conrad as a boyfriend, much to Jeremiahs fustration. To be honest I preferred the first book ( The summer I turned pretty) but I still loved this one. The endings cute in this one, but you are craving for more, which is good as theres a third book, but a bit of a let down ending. 

Overall I would highly recommend this series so far, you will really relate to Belly even if you have never been in her situation, you just want to befriend her! It is a real teen girl book and quite easy to read. It is a great length as it is not too short , but not top long. 
Hope you enjoyed this post and got some Booksperation (insperation , but with books eh? Haha) Anotherost will be up tomorrow <3 
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