Sunday, 26 January 2014

Great Breakfasts for School

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
If you are not really a breakfast person, and can only really manage a piece of toast in the morning, this post isnt for you. I LOVE food in the morning, breakfast is my favourite meal!
When I was younger, my mum always made me a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast for breakfast. But now I'm older that got a bit boring, so i tend to make my own breakfasts now. Ideally I would want croissants and pancakes all the time, but you really need something healthy in the morning!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my top 5 tasty, healty and filling brealfast dishes! I have never done this kinda post so I hope you enjoy :)

5. Oat Granola and yogurt
I do not have this as often as I used to, because of my braces but I really do love this! I used just bogstandared granola and then Vanilla Yogurt. You could use greek yogurt, low fat yogurt, fruity yougurt , what ever you want. Its so good, please try it! 

4. Toasted Bagel
Admittedly, bagels are not that filling but they are so darn good! I normally have a small bowl of cheerios before as well. On my bagel I have a bit of butter but then loads of marmite. I am a marmite lover through and through. Ok so this isnt the most filling thing, but its resonably healthy and great tasting!

3. Scrambled Egg
Personally, I hate bacon , saussages and all that jazz in the morning. But scrambled egg on toast is just perfect. This is the most filling out of the lot by far, but the reason its only my 3rd fave coz if you are rushed for time in the morning, this might not be the option for you. 

2. Porridge 
Ok, porridge is a little gross and looks blah and yeah, but its so healty! If you add a dollop of honey/syrup its tastes so much nicer and it wakes you up, as the honey is sweet. Give porridge another go coz its such a great all rounder breakfast. 

1. The Best Old School Breakfast
This is like a better version of what my mum gave me. It is the best thing since sliced bread k? All you need is bran flakes, blueberries, bannana slices, milk and honey. So you have that, then have toast but with peanut butter on. To drink have an innocent smoothie. And OMG its amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed this different type of post, comment below if you liked it and be sure to follow this blog!
Byeeeee! xxx
P.s none of these pics are my own, sorry! 


  1. Great post! :) I would love to sit down and have a decent breakfast every morning, but I usually just have a piece of toast, and then on my way to school I'll either have a muffin or cereal bar. I wish I woke up early, but I take forever to do my hair and makeup, hahaha. Lovely post! xx

    1. Thanks! That is one good thing about my school - hair has to be tied up (next year it can be loose though) and no makeup, so I do have more time to eat breakfast!xx


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