Friday, 31 January 2014

January Favourites

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

I've kinda taken a mini break from blogging recently - I've had so much on and then I got sick. So I was off school for a couple of days which really sucked. I have a few posts planned like tomorrow I am posting an updated makeup collection then sometime next week (before friday) I will post a valentines day makeup look! But right now its time for some January favourites. 

It is the 8th of feb already so sorry this is a little late! But january has gone quite slowly for me actually! It was  very busy. Also the fact the holidays were over and it was school all over again made it quite slow. But hey only one more week of school until half term! 
My first beauty fave of 2014 has to be my Stila in the moment palette. It is gorgeous! Admittedly they are not as pigmented as you would expect and they dont last the whole day but if applied thickly and with an eye primer they are just fab. 

My favourite shade is the gold one in the middle of the bottom row (spontaneous) 

My next favourite is the real techniques shading brush. I literally LOVE this for getting great colour on my eyes. I love how the tip is white so you can see how much product is really on the brush. 
Also I have been enjoying the bare minerals loud and clear lip sheer in Berry Remix. I often wear this to school coz its a subtle colour. It is like a better version of babylips. Smells awesome as well. 
My next faveourite is a felt tip liner. This soap and glory one is amazing. The line can be thin or built up to be thick. It stays on all day and doesnt smudge. 

( thick and thin flicks ahaah) 

Next up is the collection illuminating touch concealer. It is just such a great concealer and really brightens up your eyes. 
(The writing rubs off though) 

My next beauty fave is another real techniques brush, the pointed foundation one. I hate this for foundation as it is TINY , but for under eye concealer it works a treat. Again I love the white end from a cleaning point of view. 
Finally my last beauty faveourite is an h&m duo lipgloss from germany! I dont really like the nude lne I picked up but the red colour is great for a subtle red lip. 

Thats it for beauty favourites, now onto random! 

Well first off, flappy bird. I HATE it with a passion, but cannot put it down. DONT DOWNLOAD IT. its taken over my friends, my life , everything! Haha

Next thing is my newly organised makeup. I just love how orgainised everything is! That sounds so weird, but hey ho. 

Over january, I have got myself addicted to snack a jacks and oreos. Snack a jacks are like little flavoured rice cakes and OMG I love every flavour! And oreos are just perfect. 

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow! I am going to do all my homework in the morning, then after lunch im going to learn some midsummers night dream line, then my friends coming over so we can practice our acting exam pieces, then in the evening I will blog and learn more lines. God it will be hectic! 

Hope you enjoyed this favourites post :D
Byeeeeee! xxx

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