Friday, 31 January 2014

Makeup Collection

Heyy! Its Phoebs :)

This post is not all about my makeup collection, I'm showing you guys lots of other bits and bobs too! So i love watching makeup collections and my makeup was very unorganised so I redid it all and here are the results! Some of you might think this is LOADS of makeup, you might think its not at all thay much, but i'm definately not bragging to you, I'm just sharing. Hope you enjoy! 
Here we go! 
So here is my mirror! Either side of it is necklaces with bracelets hanging on it. I thought it was neat and pretty. On the top of the mirror is some pics of me and my friends. 
I keep my nail polishes in my draw. Coz I cant wear them for school, not a lot get used! 
My 3 faves 
In the box and the heart I keep jewelerry. I also have my extra they're real , a simple cleaner and deoderant. 
Here is my lamp, memory box, eye makeup remover( which is kinda gross) and brushes. 
In here is random stuff. My moisturiser, perfumes, skin stuff, chapstic, cotton pads, hair ties/clips, body sprays, nail varnish remover and little mirrors. All a bit random! 
Onto le makeup! 
In here I have face stuff. A range of bb creams, primers and foundations, then concealers and powders, then a blush , highlighter and bronzer. 
My most used products at the moment. (From left to right) collection colour match foundation, rimmel lasting finish blush in 080 bronze (I use it as a bronzer), MUA blusher in candy floss, benefit boiing concealer and benefit powder in champagne. 
Eye shadows! 
Maybelline colour tattoo and bourjour pearl lumiere. 
Then the 3 big palletes are my 2 sleek ones and my stila in the moment pallete. 
Lip care. Vasaline, boots lip salve and blistex relief cream. 

(Left to right) soap and glory smoulder kohl, soap and glory supercat, barry m shimmer kohl, lancome le crayon kohl and topshop kohl pencil. 

Next to this little pot I have my rimmel eye primer. 
(Top to bottom) benefot they're real, 17 clear mascara, meybelline rocket volume express, 17 mascara. 

So that is it my whole makeup collection. I hope you enjoyed, I am deffo not bragging. Sorry if this was quite picture heavy, I felt it had to be! 
Have a good week and I will post on wednesday :)
Byeeee! xxx


  1. Great post! I noticed you had the POREfessional by Benefit. How do you like it? I was thinking of picking it up the next time I went to Ulta. xx

    1. Sorry for such a late reply! The pore fessional does what it says and sometimes to school I will just wear that and a powder for sheer coverage. But I find it breaks me out quite a bit which sucks x


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