Monday, 6 January 2014

Messy Hair Bow Tutorial - using a hair brush, clip and hair tie!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Recently I have really been going with what you guys want with my posts, all my most viewed posts are being reincarnated in some way! I think my 2nd or 3rd most popular post is Simple Hair Tutorials (scroll down to the bottom where my most popular posts are, it should be there) so as I havent done a hair tutorial in AGES, I thought I could show you this! I do not know how well this will work coz I waved my hair today... Oops! 

For this look you only need 3 things as its messy. If your hair is longer/thicker than mine you may need more clips even if you want it messy. 

1. Brush hair and tie it in a half bun. 
The pony tail can be high or low (I prefer high) and what I mean by half bun is on the last loop of your hair tie , only pull the hair halfway through so it looks like this: 
2. Divide bun in 2
Basically just split it in 2 even halfs: 
3. With the rest of the hair, flip it inbetween the 2 parts 
Like so: 
4. Split the hair in 2, and wrap it back round the bun. Clip it at the back. 

5. Spread bun out , if nescary 

Thats it! It looks better with straight hair, sorry about that guys :S 
If you have any questions on the tutorial , please comment below asking or tweet me! @ThisChicGeek
Tomorrow I will be doing a makeup tutorial on this look: 
And on wednesday (school booo) I will be uploading my thoughts on Collection 2000 and some mini product reviews. Thursday will be no post and I will try and get something up on friday!
Hope you enjoyes this post, as always, and I will post again tomorrow.
Byeeeee! xxx

P.s if anyone tries out this style, tweet me your attempt! Would love to see if this post helped haha xx 

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