Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Purple eye and lip makeup tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
As you can probably tell, I have made some big changes to the design of this blog, one of them being I now have a header! I still think its a bit big but it took me all morning, so I am proud of it =D now on with the tutorial :)

I am not going to show you skin/base makeup, coz I feel like on all my tutorials I end up repeating myself, but basically what I did was use foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter. I just combed through my brows today. 
Anyhoo onto the eyes! 
I am applying this cream eye brightener by benefit and using it as a primer 
From the Stila in the moment pallete, I a, taking the colour 'Impulse' and putting it all over my lid. If you wanted even more purple you could mix Impulse and Glance together. I ended up doing this haha 
Then in the crease I am mixing Improvise and Desire together. 

In the inner corner I am putting on Instinct 
And for eyeliner, I am using the purple smudge stick that comes with the palette on my upper lash line

On my tighline, I am applying soap and glory smoulder kohl eyeliner. Then on my top and bottom lashes I am usimg maybelline rocket volume express mascara 
Finally , on my lips I am using the bare minerals loud and clear lip sheer in Berry Remix. You could wear a full on purple lipstick, I'm just not bold enough to! 

Purple is a great colour for people with hazel eyes (like me) , brown eyes and green eyes. It also really suits people with deep skin. Purple is quite a hard eyeshadow shade to pull off though, coz it can end up looking like you have a black eye! But I hope is tutorial helped you.
If you try this whole look/some of it, tweet me pics! 
Byeeeee! xxx


  1. The first palette look really great!



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