Sunday, 12 January 2014

Style of the week - Miley Cyrus

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Sorry I havent posted in nearly a week - School has been ridiculously busy and unfortunately blogging cannot be my top priority when still in school. But I am going to structure my posts more to get on top of blogging, and heres the plan! 
Wednesday- beauty post (this will of been written the weekend before) 
Friday- Fun post (lifestyle/tag post etc) 
Saturday- Fashion post ( I want to get into more fashion posts as I dont do them very often!)
Sunday- Makeup tutorial. 

I hope this is a schedule I can stick to, comment below or tweet me posts you want to see! 

I want to do more style of the week kinda posts, so I set out looking for something a celeb has worn this week. But one week is very limiting, so I found this one of Miley Cyrus, which I thought would be a good outfit post to start off with. It might be quite old so I am sorry its not this week, if I do this kinda post again sometime I will make sure it is from that week. 
This outfit is awesome, its simple, grungy and laid back. Here is how I have recreated it! : 

Sorry about the effects on the top 2 pictures - and the bad lighting on the rest! 
Anyhoo, I am wearing a black , baggy top and as the top is quite see through i am wearing a grey vest underneath, both are from h&m. My jeans are not quite as dark as Mileys but mine are from Topshop and there will deffo be a pair in topshop more identical to hers! It adds to the grungy style that my jeans are a little bit baggy. My shoes are from office , and these are not patent leather, but are still very similar to Mileys boots. The bag I have is from primark and the length/strap is great for this 'I dont really care' look. I didnt have any necklaces like her, but I though the one I have from Hultquist completed the look. I am not too sure if miley had bangles on, but again I liked how mine looked. The bangles are part of a set from primark. 

For hair I would tie it up in a messy bun, and for makeup I would just do conceler and highlighter on the face, a strong brow, dark brown colour in crease of eyelid, mascara on upper and lower lashes ,then finally, a pinky/nude lippy. If you want a full on tutorial on Mileys makeup look in this pic, comment/tweet me! 

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this post, it was a lot of fun to do and create an outfit etc, and if you recreate this look in some way, please tweet me pictures! Would love to see your ideas :)
Byeeeeeee! xxx

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