Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BAFTA 2014- Recreate Celebs Makeup!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So in celeb land it is currently awards season, the Brit awards are tonight(so excited) and the BAFTA's were a few nights ago I think. Anyhoo, I am just gonna give you a couple of tips on some celebs makeup and how you can recreate their looks. 

1. Fearne Cotton
If you do not know who fearne is, she is a brittish tv/radio presenter. My 3 tips for this look are:
Smokey Eye-really make sure you get your desired sultry smokey eye. Use eyeliner to define but make sure you blend in your eyeshadow colours!
Contour- Fearnes cheekbones look so defined- use a matte bronzer to create this look. Only use a colour you feel comftorble with and be confident with. Make sure the look is not too streaky.
Brows- maybe it is just this photo, but Fearnes brows are very prominent. Comb your brows into an arch (the arch should be 2/3 of the way through your brow) and fill them in. 
To make this look more wearable....create a brown smokey eye and not a black one. I have a tutorial on a brown smokey eye here: 
Use eyeshadow for your brows instead of a pencil. 

2.Tanya Burr
Unfortunately I didnt really like tanyas dress, but her makeup was flawless!
Dewy Skin- use a glowy foundation, a highlighting primer would help as well. And of cource a highlighter. 
Glosssy Lips- use a small amount of vasaline on your lips, then a matte pale pink lippie and a shimmer gloss on top.
Lashes - admittedly , this photo doesnt show it well, but Tanya's lashes looked gorgeous! Make sure you curl your lashes, apply a volumising mascara and then use a lash comb to get rid of the clumps.
To make this wearable.... This is quite a wearable look, just maybe tone down your dewy-ness with a powder and dont go all out on the eye look, other than the lashes.

3. Jenifer Laurence 
I am not actually sure if this was from the BAFTA's, but I love this look anyway so lets talk about it! 
Wing it out- this look is eyeliner based, so a subtle flick and then make it smokey by applying eyeliner on top and blending in. 
Cheeks - Jen's cheeks are really fab here. Use a peachy or an apricot blush for this soft, natural glow.
Balance- when trying to create this look, make sure the eyes are more prominent than the rest of your makeup. However, dont just pile black stuff onto your lids coz it will make your eyes look smaller. 

Ok so thats it! Hope you found these tips useful and try and recreate some bits of these looks. My favourite look would be Tanya's skin, Fearne's brows and Jen's eyes. Tell me what your perfect look would be in the comments. 
Byeeeeee! xxx

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