Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Half term haul!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Feel like I have not posted in a while! I need to get into a better routine. From now on I will try to post once during the week, and twice at the weekend (so saturday and sunday). I was going to post this on sunday but it deleted itself just before I was going to upload it. And yesterday I had a TON of homework. Hey ho, I am here now. 

So last week was half term, equalling NO SCHOOL! I like me some beauty shopping so off I trotted to boots and superdrug.

First off, I purchased the hyped up maybelline colour tatoo in On and On Bronze. I have another greatly hyped up colour tatoo already, which is the colour Pink Gold. I like this shade, but I feel like the longer its on, the sparkle/seems to fade. With Pink Gold that doesn't happen as much, i do love this though.
Also in boots I picked up the garnier BB cream in Light. This is quite dark for the lightest shade, its a BB cream so it blends with your skin tone well, but try and see the colour in the shop. I love this product, i have been giving my skin a breathe from foundation so this is a nice alternative.

Next I went to superdrug to pick up a few bits and bobs at a cheaper price. Yes, I like my bargins!
I am shade 2 in lasting perfection concealer, but yet again they didnt have shade 2, so I bought shade 1 and 3. I love shade 1 under the eyes. Shade three is good coverage, but for only 1 shade darker than my skin tone it REALLY doe not match my skin. 
I also so the maybelline brow drama , which interested me. I had seen benefits brow mascara, so I got this one to see if I liked the product idea. This is great for going to school and applying in a rush, but I do prefer using different products for a really defined brow.

Now on a different day, my mum and I met ip with my grand parents to go to John Lewis. Of course I headed to the high end beauty part! I have been searching for a perfect dark lipstick for ages, and this chubby stick in the colour 08 grandest grape is the one.
Look how gorgeous it is? 

Then me and my nan headed to the body shop. I think my nans greatest discovery of living in a town in england opposed to the country in ireland, is the body shop hahaha. She treated me to 2 items, which I am very grateful for.
As you all know if you saw my makeup collection (post linked HERE:       http://geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/makeup-collection.html     )         I love my body shop lip balm tubs. I thought I would branch out slightly and get a body shop lipbalm in a TUBE! Shock horror! I LOVE the smell but there is not as much tint as the tubs. 
(Take a moment to marvel at my photography skills haha) 

Lastly I picked out this little vanilla scented perfume. It smells literally of cupcakes or something sweet and just amazing. It doesnt stay on very long, but I love the scent too much k? 

So that is it, hope you enjoyed this haul, comment below or tweet me what you have bought recently! I pinky promise I will post this weekend. If you havent already, be sure to follow my blog via GFC. 60 followers by the end of march? Love you all. 
Byeeeeeee! xxx

P.s Thank you guys so much for 4500 pageviews! Lets keep them coming eh? ;)

Extra p.s I cannot believe its the 25th of feb and this is only my 3rd post this month, thats really bad so my sincere apologies. I used to post like 40 times a month last year! I will be better in March I promise. 

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