Monday, 31 March 2014

'The Trends' vs Your Style.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
As you may know from twitter, I was looking for some uk fashion magazines. I then went on some of the magazines websites, and got thinking about what they are for. Fashion magazines present the up and coming trends to the public, and in a variety of different ways. They will have articles about celebs being on trend (and not on trend), great high street fashion buys and pics from the catwalk. 

However, as women and girls, we are always encouraged to wear what we want to wear and to go against the trend if we don't like them. I do believe that wearing what other people have worn is boring, and if I saw someone in the street wearing an extremely generic outfit that I had seen on 8 other people, they would look nice, but they wouldnt stand out. 

(Sourced from google images) 

On the contray, lets take a high street shop. For example, Topshop chooses what it stocks based on what is on the catwalk and on trend. If you wanted to buy an outfit from topshop, you would choose things that cater to your style, though they would of been inspired by current trends. 

(Screenshot from 

What makes a good outfit then? 
Everyone has clothes that they like or dislike. Whatever that is, that is their style. In my opinion, what makes a good outfit is a mixture of brands, daring choices, key piece(s) and induviduality. Another example of this from topshop, is that in winter 2012-2013, a key topshop trend was slogan sweaters. The most popular one was one that said 'Geek' . It was just a basic sweater. The jumper was cool, but I liked it when people adapted the style. They did this buy having a sweater with a different slogan, having a croppped slogan sweater or even having a 'Geek' slogan tshirt. 

The original 

Much better! ;) see what I did there? Haha
(Both images sourced from google images) 

My Outfit.
I would say my style is girlie with an edge. I prefer doc martins to heals any day! I will show you how I applied the tips above. This outfit has featured on a DIY post on this blog already: 
Mixture of brands: Top is from Zara Kids(customised) and Jeans are from H! By Henry Holland (debenhams) 
Daring choices: the tassles on the top
Key piece: Tshirt with heart and writing on. Also the tassles ;)
Induviduality: the trend I am trying to portray is high waisted jeans. Instead of using blue denim jeans, I used black. 

That is it for todays post I hope you enjoyed it. Of course I am not saying you have to dress like this I am simply expressing my opinion for your enjoyment :) 
Byeeeeee! xxx

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Get Ready With Me- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the Musical

Heyy! Its phoebs (:
Last night my family and I went up to London to see the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Musical. It is a fabulous musical, so if you have the oppourtunity to see it please do! If not, watch the film, it is so hilarious. 

I am not sure if I have ever done a Get Ready With Me before, so its all very new. Its not a tutorial as such. Here we go! 

I started with my hair and I had 'day old' hair yesterday. I decided to make use of this and add the Loreal Studio Line Volumising Spray. 
I also tied my hair half up with a tartan scrunchie from Urban Outfitters. 

I wanted a dewy look so on my skin I used
Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up in 100 Ivory
Under Eye Concelear: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in 01 
Blemish Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in 03
Blush: Benefit Rockateur
Highlight: Benefit High Beam 
Eyes! Looking down like this you can see all the slight mistakes I made, but looking at a normal angle it looked fine. 
Eyeshadow: Sleek Eyeshadow in Taupe (from a pallete)
Inner Corner Highlight: Bourjours Pearl Eyeshadow
Waterline: Benefit Smokin Liner
Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
Brows: Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown 
Lipstick: Collection Deluxe Lipstick in Charlestion
Lipgloss: Benefit golden lipgloss. 

Perfume: Taylor Swift WonderStruck

Pandora bracelet
( yes I do have a thumb! It was very hard to take this pic myself and my thumb looked weird, or non exsistant, every time I took the pic) 

Jeans: Henry Holland at Debenhams
Sleeveless shirt: New Look
Jacket: H&M
Bag: Local Shop

I really liked the shirt, jeans and scrunchie together, the contrast of the black and white was great, and I liked how the scrunchie co ordinated with both black and white. 
Boots: Office
I think the boots gave a really Chic feel to the outfit and really polished the look. 
As I am someone to moan when it gets cold, I brought this purple jumper from h&m along for the walk between the theatre and the train station
These across body bags are great for going round london with, coz you can always see your bag(if that makes sense, haha) 
Wooo thats the end of my (possibly) first get ready with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. 
Byeeee! xxx

How to: Smudged eyeliner

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So whoop, I am now on easter break! So three weeks of posts, posts and more posts. I am really gonna try and get back into blogging, post more often, gain more followers and all that jazz. If you havent already, please follow Geek Chic Notes on blog lovin, link is on the right hand side. 

As you may (or may not) know, I LOVE avril Lavigne. One of her signature makeup looks was smudged eyeliner. When most people try this, it looks awful, but Avril made it work. today I am gonna show you how to get this really cool, edgy eyeliner look. 

First off, I am lining my eyes with a black eyeshadow. Use a small brush to do this. 

Secondly, with my benefit eyeliner pencil, I am lining really close to my upper lashline
Next up, the smudging part. I am getting my soap and glory smoulder Kohl pencil, and applying it to the outer corner. Then I smudge it towards my nose. 
Apply this in small amounts and smudge to get desired effect. I smudge with my fingers. 
Finally, apply mascara pf your choice. 

Lip gloss: h&m 

So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful, tweet me pics of your own version of this look! My twitter is @ThisChicGeek
Byeeeee! xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

DIY tshirts inspired by Bethany Mota

Heyy, its phoebs :)
I was watching Bethany Mota's DIY tshirt vid this morning and I felt quite inspired by it! I grabbed a couple of old tee's and adapted some of her ideas (I also looked up tutorials online) and here are the results! 

1. Bandeau
A lot of the tops I created needed a black bandeau underneath, so I got a black tank top and made the sleeves thinner. You do this by cutting below where the seam for the sleeves start and following the line of the sleeves, but making it wider. I also lowered the neckline coz mine was pretty tight, but you dont have to do that.  Then I decided how short I wanted to cut it, and voila!  

The edges will be messy on this but pull them slightly so they roll in, creating a neater look. I am also really bad at cutting so hopefully yours will not be as messy! This is the easiest look to do so deffo start with this! Also plain black bandeaus are essential, so why not just make one? 

2. Muscle tank top 
This is a cute look! I used a thin, layering tee so the black top came in useful. I wish I took pics as I did this, I did not know if I would blog it or not, whoops. You basically follow the same steps as you did for the bandeau, but you dont need to lower the neckline or crop it(though I did) 

In the spring time I would team this with my leather jacket(h&m) and my jeans (topshop). When the weather is hotter I would wear shorts instead of jeans. I would show you this look with shorts, but I dont have any! 

3. Tassles/ Fringe
This look is so easy to do, and gives off a fresh new look! 
This top is from Zara Kids, I knew I would never wear it as it was, but now I feel this is quite a dressy, cool look. 
All i did was snip into the top and then just left a gap and cut again. Its kinda hard to explain, but it is so easy! 
As my top is black and white I felt it was quite dressy so I teamed it with a black tube skirt from debenhams. For a look that you could wear right now I wore black high waisted skinny jeans from debenhams

4. Cut out back
This is the hardest to do (mine was done quite badly I admit) but is very satisfying when you complete it! First of get a picture of a heart/your desired shape and trace it onto the back out your top. Next fold your top in half and cut a tiny bit where you see the line from your template. The open out the top and from the slit you just made, keep cutting out the shape. You should get a top like this! I free handed my heart so its not very good. Also thetip of mine flaps upwards, so make yours wider than mine. 

This is a summer look, so I only teamed this woth other summery clothes. The skater skirt I am wearing is from new look. 
(I may cut the tip of my heart off to get an oval shape.) 

Overall I am really pleased with how to tops turned out and will be making more in the future! Tell me if you DIY tops and if you try any of these ideas tweet me them. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Byeeeee! xxx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Childhood Questions

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So i have had a busy few weeks, but I promise I am back on the blogging and it will be fab. I have one more week of school until Easter Holidays so after next week there will be LOADS more posts! 

I liked the idea of questions about my childhood, so to ease my way back into blogging I thought it would be a good idea. I hope you enioy this, feel free to answer these questions too(tell me if you do) 
Also, I know I am still a child but these questions are about when I was really young. 

Earliest memory? 
I remember once my grandparents had stayed the night and the next morning I could hear them wondering about. I really wanted to get out of my cot but I decided not to cry coz I was happy enough looking at my mobile. Wierd memory eh?

Favourite TV show? 
I loved the teletubbies and the tweenies. Teletubbies were about these odd creatures who lived in this little world. I liked LaLa the best. Tweenies was about this kids (puppets) who went to a nursery and it was there adventures. I loved Fiz. 

Favourite Disney Princess? 
I loved cinderella coz I had the costume and I thought I looked just like her! I thoughtAurora was really pretty as well. 

Most hated food? 
I remember hating bananas a lot. Also, I didnt like water! My mum always gave me orange squash. I only started to like water when I was 6. 

I really liked ballet. And I enjoyed the school choir. I remember when I got a singing solo in year one. Aah the memories. 

Describe your room.
From about when I was 7 until I was 12 my room was always the same. I had green walls with fairy wallpaper at the top, white wooden bed which was raised(so like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk) , white desk(still use this now) and a white wardrobe. My room was very small so it was a squeeze.

Favourite toy? 
Has to be my Baby Born doll. Gosh I played with her for YEARS! It was just a baby doll. I never even gave her a name, her name was just Baby Born. I had loads of outfits for her, a wardrobe, a car, snorke, everything! I also had an obsession with soft toys. I had countless amounts. 

Music you remember? 
I remember this song my kylie minougue, it went a bit like ' I just cant get you out of my head, boy your love is all I think about' another song I remember is one from the boyband 5ive. It came on the radio recently and somehow I knew all the words! The song went like 'Get on up, when your down, baby take a good look around, I know its not much, but its ok, keep on moving on anyway' Its so catchy! 

That is it, hope you enjoyed, will have another post up tomorrow and one up sometime next week too! Do keep reading and following (on bloglovin too) I am still here and love reading your comments/tweets. 
Byeeee! xxx

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Ppp.s all images are sourced from google. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014


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Sunshine, lollipops and Rainbows

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Last sunday in the UK, we had our first glimpse of spring weather. It reached up to 18degreees where I lived! I spent the day chilling outside, well and doing homework and I even walked my dog!

I feel like sunny weather makes everyone feel that little bit better. There are definately more smiles around. With good weather comes new clothes! I need to start purchasing some clothing for summer. When I get round to it, you can be sure of a haul/lookbook.
 As the good blogger that I am, I procrastinated all of sunday and eventually got round to taking some pics for a post. As you can tell, it was just going dark so the lighting isnt fab. But I went outside for the post which is something. 

I thought I would share with you guys some cute hairstyles to be worn all year round I suppose, but are great for spring too. If you are bored of your current hairstyles, think of spring as a fresh start and take some inspiration from these. Most of these are self explanitory on how to do them, but if you want a full tutorial please comment below telling me which one. 

This ponytail with a small braid is great for school as it is slightly different from a normal ponytail. This would look bettter of you have a lot of hair coz as you can see, it looks like a have a couple of bald patches slightly!

This hairstyle is really easy to do but gives quite a formal look with the scrunchie. I would wear this going to dinner or something where I wanted nice hair, but needed it out of my face. 

Out of all the pics I took, I am most proud of this one. I think it was coz I managed to get the garden in haha. This is quite a princessy look, but I would wear this going out with friends during the day. This reminds me of spring the most. I can see me wearing it in summer too, but not so much in the colder months. Is that odd? 
This is meant to be a side fishtail, but I didnt have a mirror so its not too good. And yes I meant it to only be half. With the messy end of this, I think this is slightly and edgy look. If I was wearing a slighlty punky look, I would do this hairstyle. It is so quick and easy(when you have a mirror) 
Finally, the good old high messy bun. I love wearing this with a scrunchie as it adds something new to the look. Scrunchies are quite on trend at the moment, so I like how I have encorperated one into my pretty much daily hairstyle. 

OOTD- Jumper- M&S , Tank top- Topshop, Jeans- Topshop, Pumps-Primark.
I wore socks coz my feet were cold ok? =D

I had never taked a selfie in my garden, what was I gonna do eh?!?
Oh the raves I have alone, outside, on a sunday evening.......

Yeah I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post, would love to know your thoughts!
Byeeee! xxx