Sunday, 2 March 2014

Book Review: Boys Don't Cry by Malorie blackman

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You guys should know that I LOVE writing book reivews. I have done a few before and I just find book reiveiws great. Shhh but I prefer book reviews to beauty product reviews :0 

This is the book I will be talking about today. It is about a 18 year old boy, Dante and his ex girlfriend turns up on the door with a baby and she claims to be his. Then she dumps the baby on him and does a runner. The rest of the book is how he adapts to his new life, giving up on his dreams and completely changes. Also there is another story going on which is about dantes brother, Adam, who is gay and lots of obstacles come in his path. 
My favourite page of the whole book. If you get up to this point in the book you will understand why it is so powerful. I cried . 

This book is a page turner. I read this in a week which is pretty good for me coz I am a slow reader. Both stories are gripping. You really loved the character you were meant to love and hated the people you were supposed to hate. At times reading the book i felt angry because pf what was happening around dante and his baby. I really connected with it. It is an easy book to read. 

Blackman wrote the hit series Noughts and Crosses, which is so powerful. This is powerful in a different way. It shows that you can always make the best of the worst. Theres no way I can describe this book for you. I was shocked, upset, emotional, angry and happy whilst reading this. 

I definately recommend this book, you will be moved by the story. You may not like it ( I am sure you will though) but it will move you. Go and give this a read!

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful- comment below if you have read this/your thoughts and any other book recommendations! 
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