Saturday, 22 March 2014

Childhood Questions

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
So i have had a busy few weeks, but I promise I am back on the blogging and it will be fab. I have one more week of school until Easter Holidays so after next week there will be LOADS more posts! 

I liked the idea of questions about my childhood, so to ease my way back into blogging I thought it would be a good idea. I hope you enioy this, feel free to answer these questions too(tell me if you do) 
Also, I know I am still a child but these questions are about when I was really young. 

Earliest memory? 
I remember once my grandparents had stayed the night and the next morning I could hear them wondering about. I really wanted to get out of my cot but I decided not to cry coz I was happy enough looking at my mobile. Wierd memory eh?

Favourite TV show? 
I loved the teletubbies and the tweenies. Teletubbies were about these odd creatures who lived in this little world. I liked LaLa the best. Tweenies was about this kids (puppets) who went to a nursery and it was there adventures. I loved Fiz. 

Favourite Disney Princess? 
I loved cinderella coz I had the costume and I thought I looked just like her! I thoughtAurora was really pretty as well. 

Most hated food? 
I remember hating bananas a lot. Also, I didnt like water! My mum always gave me orange squash. I only started to like water when I was 6. 

I really liked ballet. And I enjoyed the school choir. I remember when I got a singing solo in year one. Aah the memories. 

Describe your room.
From about when I was 7 until I was 12 my room was always the same. I had green walls with fairy wallpaper at the top, white wooden bed which was raised(so like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk) , white desk(still use this now) and a white wardrobe. My room was very small so it was a squeeze.

Favourite toy? 
Has to be my Baby Born doll. Gosh I played with her for YEARS! It was just a baby doll. I never even gave her a name, her name was just Baby Born. I had loads of outfits for her, a wardrobe, a car, snorke, everything! I also had an obsession with soft toys. I had countless amounts. 

Music you remember? 
I remember this song my kylie minougue, it went a bit like ' I just cant get you out of my head, boy your love is all I think about' another song I remember is one from the boyband 5ive. It came on the radio recently and somehow I knew all the words! The song went like 'Get on up, when your down, baby take a good look around, I know its not much, but its ok, keep on moving on anyway' Its so catchy! 

That is it, hope you enjoyed, will have another post up tomorrow and one up sometime next week too! Do keep reading and following (on bloglovin too) I am still here and love reading your comments/tweets. 
Byeeee! xxx

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