Sunday, 23 March 2014

DIY tshirts inspired by Bethany Mota

Heyy, its phoebs :)
I was watching Bethany Mota's DIY tshirt vid this morning and I felt quite inspired by it! I grabbed a couple of old tee's and adapted some of her ideas (I also looked up tutorials online) and here are the results! 

1. Bandeau
A lot of the tops I created needed a black bandeau underneath, so I got a black tank top and made the sleeves thinner. You do this by cutting below where the seam for the sleeves start and following the line of the sleeves, but making it wider. I also lowered the neckline coz mine was pretty tight, but you dont have to do that.  Then I decided how short I wanted to cut it, and voila!  

The edges will be messy on this but pull them slightly so they roll in, creating a neater look. I am also really bad at cutting so hopefully yours will not be as messy! This is the easiest look to do so deffo start with this! Also plain black bandeaus are essential, so why not just make one? 

2. Muscle tank top 
This is a cute look! I used a thin, layering tee so the black top came in useful. I wish I took pics as I did this, I did not know if I would blog it or not, whoops. You basically follow the same steps as you did for the bandeau, but you dont need to lower the neckline or crop it(though I did) 

In the spring time I would team this with my leather jacket(h&m) and my jeans (topshop). When the weather is hotter I would wear shorts instead of jeans. I would show you this look with shorts, but I dont have any! 

3. Tassles/ Fringe
This look is so easy to do, and gives off a fresh new look! 
This top is from Zara Kids, I knew I would never wear it as it was, but now I feel this is quite a dressy, cool look. 
All i did was snip into the top and then just left a gap and cut again. Its kinda hard to explain, but it is so easy! 
As my top is black and white I felt it was quite dressy so I teamed it with a black tube skirt from debenhams. For a look that you could wear right now I wore black high waisted skinny jeans from debenhams

4. Cut out back
This is the hardest to do (mine was done quite badly I admit) but is very satisfying when you complete it! First of get a picture of a heart/your desired shape and trace it onto the back out your top. Next fold your top in half and cut a tiny bit where you see the line from your template. The open out the top and from the slit you just made, keep cutting out the shape. You should get a top like this! I free handed my heart so its not very good. Also thetip of mine flaps upwards, so make yours wider than mine. 

This is a summer look, so I only teamed this woth other summery clothes. The skater skirt I am wearing is from new look. 
(I may cut the tip of my heart off to get an oval shape.) 

Overall I am really pleased with how to tops turned out and will be making more in the future! Tell me if you DIY tops and if you try any of these ideas tweet me them. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Byeeeee! xxx


  1. I saw her video on this! Great post!! Love it! x

    1. Thanks! Also I replied to your comment on my makeup collection, sorry for the delay in replying!xx

  2. Great ideas :-)!! I think I need to grab a pair of scissors myself :D!
    xx Belinda

    1. Thanks! Go for it, its really fun :) x


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