Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mua Blushes

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
I am not really much of a blush kinda gal coz I get spots on my cheek and even I have foumdation and concealer on, when blush is applied they come out and haunt me. Or blush just made my redness worse. But recently i have been getting better at applying blush and slightly experimenting. I picked up an MUA blush because I had heard great things about the brand and they were £1 so I didnt have much to loose. Here are my thoughts on this blush. 
(My hands look demorphed here haha) 

The blush I have is in the shade CandyFloss. They all have cute names , but the shade range is quite poor. This colour doesnt look the most exciting pink, but it was the nicest looking out of all of them. The packaging is pretty boring, but you get a good size blush and it is handbag size. 
This blush is a pale pink blush with glitter in, giving it a slight sheen. The pigmentation isnt great, but built up gives a natural, warm, radient glow to the skin. 
(Left- softer look) Right- extremly built up) 

For £1 this blush is fantastic. It is a really pretty pink colour and is great for a natural look. It stays on quite well but if I apply this to wear to dinner, it will have faded slightly by the end of the night. Other more expensive drugstore brands will have a better shade range but do the same quality (sometimes worse) blush but at a more expensive price. Definatly check out the MUA blushes if you can, they are a real bargin. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, please keep commenting and following, it means a lot! Also does anyone know of a high coverage drugstore concealer avaliable in the uk? If so, comment below :) 
Byeeeeee! xxx


  1. Great review, the MUA products are always such good value for money! x

    1. Thank you! Yeah MUA is a great brand for good quality(most of the time) low priced makeup!xx

  2. I'm always looking for new blushes to try!you might like Sleek's blushes if u haven't already tried them as they are really pigmented yet a good price!i think 17 do a high coverage concealer...i think maybe rimmel does too!you shall have to have a good look next time u are in boots or superdrug..even google it-um sure people have done posts on high coverage concealers:)xx

    1. I have heard so much about sleek blushes- really want the face form pallete!thanks for your help, I will deffo check those two out!xx


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