Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunshine, lollipops and Rainbows

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Last sunday in the UK, we had our first glimpse of spring weather. It reached up to 18degreees where I lived! I spent the day chilling outside, well and doing homework and I even walked my dog!

I feel like sunny weather makes everyone feel that little bit better. There are definately more smiles around. With good weather comes new clothes! I need to start purchasing some clothing for summer. When I get round to it, you can be sure of a haul/lookbook.
 As the good blogger that I am, I procrastinated all of sunday and eventually got round to taking some pics for a post. As you can tell, it was just going dark so the lighting isnt fab. But I went outside for the post which is something. 

I thought I would share with you guys some cute hairstyles to be worn all year round I suppose, but are great for spring too. If you are bored of your current hairstyles, think of spring as a fresh start and take some inspiration from these. Most of these are self explanitory on how to do them, but if you want a full tutorial please comment below telling me which one. 

This ponytail with a small braid is great for school as it is slightly different from a normal ponytail. This would look bettter of you have a lot of hair coz as you can see, it looks like a have a couple of bald patches slightly!

This hairstyle is really easy to do but gives quite a formal look with the scrunchie. I would wear this going to dinner or something where I wanted nice hair, but needed it out of my face. 

Out of all the pics I took, I am most proud of this one. I think it was coz I managed to get the garden in haha. This is quite a princessy look, but I would wear this going out with friends during the day. This reminds me of spring the most. I can see me wearing it in summer too, but not so much in the colder months. Is that odd? 
This is meant to be a side fishtail, but I didnt have a mirror so its not too good. And yes I meant it to only be half. With the messy end of this, I think this is slightly and edgy look. If I was wearing a slighlty punky look, I would do this hairstyle. It is so quick and easy(when you have a mirror) 
Finally, the good old high messy bun. I love wearing this with a scrunchie as it adds something new to the look. Scrunchies are quite on trend at the moment, so I like how I have encorperated one into my pretty much daily hairstyle. 

OOTD- Jumper- M&S , Tank top- Topshop, Jeans- Topshop, Pumps-Primark.
I wore socks coz my feet were cold ok? =D

I had never taked a selfie in my garden, what was I gonna do eh?!?
Oh the raves I have alone, outside, on a sunday evening.......

Yeah I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post, would love to know your thoughts!
Byeeee! xxx


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