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'The Trends' vs Your Style.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
As you may know from twitter, I was looking for some uk fashion magazines. I then went on some of the magazines websites, and got thinking about what they are for. Fashion magazines present the up and coming trends to the public, and in a variety of different ways. They will have articles about celebs being on trend (and not on trend), great high street fashion buys and pics from the catwalk. 

However, as women and girls, we are always encouraged to wear what we want to wear and to go against the trend if we don't like them. I do believe that wearing what other people have worn is boring, and if I saw someone in the street wearing an extremely generic outfit that I had seen on 8 other people, they would look nice, but they wouldnt stand out. 

(Sourced from google images) 

On the contray, lets take a high street shop. For example, Topshop chooses what it stocks based on what is on the catwalk and on trend. If you wanted to buy an outfit from topshop, you would choose things that cater to your style, though they would of been inspired by current trends. 

(Screenshot from 

What makes a good outfit then? 
Everyone has clothes that they like or dislike. Whatever that is, that is their style. In my opinion, what makes a good outfit is a mixture of brands, daring choices, key piece(s) and induviduality. Another example of this from topshop, is that in winter 2012-2013, a key topshop trend was slogan sweaters. The most popular one was one that said 'Geek' . It was just a basic sweater. The jumper was cool, but I liked it when people adapted the style. They did this buy having a sweater with a different slogan, having a croppped slogan sweater or even having a 'Geek' slogan tshirt. 

The original 

Much better! ;) see what I did there? Haha
(Both images sourced from google images) 

My Outfit.
I would say my style is girlie with an edge. I prefer doc martins to heals any day! I will show you how I applied the tips above. This outfit has featured on a DIY post on this blog already: 
Mixture of brands: Top is from Zara Kids(customised) and Jeans are from H! By Henry Holland (debenhams) 
Daring choices: the tassles on the top
Key piece: Tshirt with heart and writing on. Also the tassles ;)
Induviduality: the trend I am trying to portray is high waisted jeans. Instead of using blue denim jeans, I used black. 

That is it for todays post I hope you enjoyed it. Of course I am not saying you have to dress like this I am simply expressing my opinion for your enjoyment :) 
Byeeeeee! xxx

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