Sunday, 2 March 2014

What makeup I ACTUALLY wear to school

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Sp just before the new school year started back in August, I did a school makeup tutorial of what I would wear if I could wear makeup to school. Technically we are not allowed to wear makeup at school , but we can get away with some. Also I could never do the look I suggested coz I have about 5mins to do my makeup and I like doing it slowly haha. I will link the original post coz if you can wear makeup to school you might enjoy it: 

So for face makeup I try and keep it minimal coz that is normally how the teachers catch you out. 
I wear my lasting perfection concealer in shade 1 under my eyes, to look like I am not tired. 
(Left-how i apply it. Right-finished look) 
Next if I have a pesky red spot I will apply a darker shade of my concealer over it. If not, I will go straight in with my benefit powder. I really pack this on over any red ness. 
For my brows, I use the maybelline brow drama mascara. 
(left- before. Right after) 

For eyes, I apply my Rimmel Eye primer and curl ny lashes. The primer is white so I look more awake. 
Finally, I dust rimmel stay matte powder (transparant) over my whole face, then apply a tinted lip balm. I  normally choose one out of these: 
Thats it! Hope you enjoyed this post and coz I didnt post yesterday, I have ANOTHER post lined up for you this evening! 
Byeeeeee! xxx

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