Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD- Day At The Beach

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

A couple of weeks ago I went on a easter holiday to Norfolk with my family and my best friend. The weather was surprisingly good so one day we ventured out into the beach. Here is what I wore.

Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark 

I wore leggings underneath my skirt, which were from Topshop

 Some snaps I took on the beach :)

Sunglasses: Hotel Shop in Portugal
Necklace: Primark 

I never thought I would wear as much Primark as I did in this outfit! Although I disagree with their work ethic (allegedly their clothes are made by children forced to), Primark is great for when you want to change up your style, but are not sure of what will suit you, because, if you do not like the look you chose, it is not the end of the world because not a lot of money was spent! 

I really love the contrast of colours on these two pieces. The coral is gorgeous against the deep blue. This is a great look for the beach because it can be worn in cold or hot weather. I love how I am wearing two basic pieces but the necklace is really bold and ties it all together.  The great thing about basic pieces is that they almost have to be dressed up, so even is someone is wearing the same top as you, it will look completely different depending on how you styled it. This outfit will be featuring in my lookbook, which will happen soon fingers crossed!

The actual day at the beach was glorious, as I hope you can tell from the photos. The tide comes in very far, so when the tide is out the beach goes on forever. Because the sea was so far away, the beach was very sheltered so you didn't feel that typical sea breeze. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had a lot of fun with the pictures (I took them on yes, A CAMERA!) comment below if you liked the pics. 


Friday, 25 April 2014

My Skin Conundrums

Hey! Its phoebs :)

To be honest I do not really have problems with sorting out my skin, I just liked the word Conundrums so I used it in the title :) 

I belive no one has perfect skin. But you want your skin to be healthy so you feel more confident, right?  I am just going to talk to you about my skin and problem areas and what products I love on my skin. This will not be a full on skincare routine because it differs every mornig/night. 
This is my skin, apologies for the extreme close up haha. I am wearing virtually no makeup, it is 20:10 now and I put concealer on at 7:15 this morning so I highly doubt it has lasted.  I have combination skin. My nose is oily and is prone to black heads, my forehead is slightly oily and often gets those tiny spots, my cheeks and around my nose are prone to redness and large pores, and my chin is prone to blemishes. Other than those areas my face is just normal skin, which i am thankful for. But for me personally, some products I use really help my skin. Maybe they will help you too but if not, once you find the right skincare your skin will improve. 

My daily facewash is a must for me. It smooths my skin and reduces redness. It is the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash. It looks like a very thin liquid, but once you pump it, it comes out as a foam. It is very gentle on the skin and very cheap to get! I use this every morning. 

 Next thing I love is this vitamin E eye cream. As I am young eye cream isnt too important so I didn't splash the cash on this. It really brightens up the eyes and keeps your eyes healthy if you like to apply lots of eyemakeup (not that this is a makeup remover) only problem with mine is there is a slit in mine so I cannot use the squeezy end. Also it stings if it goes in your eye. Just saying. I use this every couple of nights.

Next up is a grainy face scrub, also by the bramd tea tree and witch hazel. I love this, I feel my pores seem cleaner and I do not get as many blackheads. I love how it is so natural as well. It feels like you are appling love to your skin haha. I use this every couple of days.

Next up is my holy grail moisturiser. The garnier moisture match is just so perfect. It is an instant pick me up. I have the version for normal skin, which has an SPF, which is an added bonus. I use this every morning. 

Finally is my simple night cream which I apply (no guesses here) every night. I love the thick texture of this cream and how it feels on my skin. You do not feel sticky going to bed and your skin feels refreshed in the morning. I love this so much and will deffo repurchase when I run out! 

They are my top 5 skincare products, tell me if you have tried any of them! Hope this was helpful.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Barry M Matte Nail Paint First Impressions

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Today I come to you with a review post. I personally find these posts hard to write but some of my review posts are very popular so I'm doing this for the people, haha.

Last Sunday I purchased the Barry M Matte Nail Paint in the shade vanilla. It looks like a really classy shade, but it is not too grungy so it is perfect for spring, in my opinion. I was also looking forward to trying completely matte nails, because I have never tried such a nail polish before. So that sunday evening I painted one coat of the polish onto my nails. The colour comes out more purple than it looks in the bottle, but I still loved the colour. It also dried very quickly, which is always good.

However, I went to bed that night and I woke up the next morning and the nail polish had chipped.  Now I am quite crazy, but I am sure I would not pick off my nail varnish in the night. Obviously I was very disappointed with this coz I love Barry M nail polish. That morning I painted a second coat and I had to put on a top coat to prevent any far too early chipping. Putting on a top coat meant the nails had a slight shine to them, meaning the polish lost its matte effect, which was why I loved the polish. It doesn't look as shiny as putting a top coat on normal nail polish though, which is good.

Overall, I love the colour (even though it comes out slightly different to the shade in the bottle), the speedy drying time and the matte finish of the nails. However it is all too good to be true because the nail paint does not last therefore a top coat is needed, meaning the matte effect is destroyed. I am quite disappointed with this nail polish and the next time a purchase a Barry M nail polish, it will not be from this range. I was planning on doing an update of how long the polish has stayed on for, but I know that due to the fact it chipped within the first twelve hours of application, an update will not be necessary!

I hope you enjoyed my first impressions of this product, and follow this blog for more review posts! ;)

Monday, 14 April 2014

10 Months of Blogging: What Blogging means to me.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Last monday I did a post where I  interview different bloggers and even though there were some technical difficulties (my brain was exploding as I am awful with technology) I think you guys enjoyed it! I had a teeny tiny bit of writers block and took to twitter to ask what you guys wanted to see. One reader replied requesting a lifestyle post, so here I am with one! I am doing this to celebrate 10 months of blogging, which I can't really believe!

I am not really gonna go into why I started blogging and all that stuff. I mainly want to talk about the blogging experience, which I did not expect to even get when I started!

Blogging to me is much more than a hobby. It is a passion. I love writing post, reading fellow bloggers posts, getting comments/followers and talking to other bloggers. I feel like I need to blog to keep you guys happy with my blog I suppose.

There are so many perks to blogging. You really improve as you go along. If you look at my posts last june when Geek Chic Notes was born they are cringey compared to what I write now! Except that Disney Stars Gone Wrong post, which is still ever popular! I did not take blogging seriously until I discovered other teen blogs who had achieved so much. The first blogs (other than the massive ones) I really discovered were Niamhs Dream, Pam The Mad (who no longer writes) and Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up. I remember commenting on these blogs and feeling really excited in case they checked out my blog! Now commenting on blogs is natural to me! From these blogs, I obviously discovered loads more.

In the first 6 months of my blog I achieved 50 followers. Which means in the last four months only 8 followers have been gained, BUT I started Bloglovin and have 33 other followers on that, so I technically have around 80 followers collectively. Eh eh? haha anyhoo. Stats on my blog can get me down if they are low but I know I just have to keep blogging and once I am pleased with the content, the stats are not really important. I enjoy what I do, and although I would rather 100 or more people enjoyed my blog, I am glad at least 50 or so do.

I am writing this on Monday, so maybe by the time I publish this I will have told my best friend about my blog. Yes, believe it or not after 10 months of blogging not one of my friends has found out! The longer I leave it to tell people, the harder it gets. I just have never mixed my blogging life and my actual life. Recently however I started posting pics on my blog where you can see my whole face, which basically means I would be cool with school friends finding out. My family do know about my blog however.

This has been a very rambly post but here is my final point:Motivation. If you are not motivated to blog, the quality of your posts will go down, meaning the stats will go down. It is very hard to get your best quality posts up during term time because there is revision, homework, music practice, school clubs and more. Blogging becomes quite frantic, but at the same time I want the best content. Basically, I try and create a balance. I am a procrastinator, but I do manage. Just be positive, confident and enthusiastic about your blog. If you do not like something about your blog: Change it. Ultimately it is your space on the internet and only you can make it to the top standards that you want it to be.

That is it, I hope you have enjoyed! Quite a different post for me but I hope you found it useful.

The World of Blogging: Different Interviews with Different Types of Bloggers!

Heyy! Its phoebs :) 
Today I have a very exciting post for you today! I asked in a previous post that I needed bloggers for a blog interview post. Luckily some bloggers were interested (unlike when I tried to do an ask phoebs post back in january, oh dear haha) so I though of questions catered towards to bloggers I was working with, and here are the answers! All the blogs are very different and I love them a lot, so after you have read this post please go check out their blogs, coz they really are lovely. 

First Blogger is a teen blogger who describes her blog as a 'beauty fashion and lifestyle' blog. Of course, it is Guilianna Marie! (formerly amazing alex) . Guillianna posts throughout the week, she tells me during the school week she 'posts beauty and fashion' and on Saturdays she posts her journal entries where she talks about 'relationships, school, boys and feelings' I love her journal entires, they are such a personal, unique part to her blog. Like myself, Guilanna is also a keen songwriter. She describes herself as an 'undiscovered Taylor Swift'. You can check out her songs on her blog here. On with the interview! 

 on Guilianna's blog) 

You give your readers quite an insight to your life on your blog. Do you find it easy to post personal problems on your blog?1. I love this question. Yes, indeed! It's hard for me to express myself when it comes to having words come out of my mouth. People aren't always there for me in some cases, so blogging is an alternative when it comes to expressing myself. I can share my thoughts and feelings in a way where I feel confident.
How do your school friends feel about your blog? 

2. My friends don't really have much to say. They don't think much of it, to be honest .

You live in america, and I live in the Uk. How do you feel knowing your readers are across the globe
3. I absolutely love it! I think it's so cool. The fact that people take the time to read my posts is incredible. It makes blogging more exciting and more powerful knowing people are actually reading what I compose. And the fact that I have readers across the globe is unreal. 

What is the best thing about having a blog4. There are so many wonderful things that have come along with blogging. I've found the meaning to dedication. I've realized what I want to do with my life- I want to find a career in journalism. Although, I must say the best part was making friends through blogging. I can talk to people I have a lot in common with. It's extraordinary!

Most teenagers love social media. Are you one of them? Do you keep all of your social media connected with your blog? 5. Yes, I am 110% guilty of being addicted to all forms of 
social media. For the most part, I keep all of my social media connected with my blog. All of them consist of the same username and what not: @amazingalex13. Right now, I can't seem to manage my time between Twitter and Instagram. Those are my go to social media websites when I'm bored.

Finally, How has blogging changed you as a person?6. There are so many ways blogging has changed me as a person. Blogging is a way of expressing myself: my thoughts, my creativity, my feelings, etc. Blogging is a constant practice that I do. I've found that my teachers have complimented me on different writing techniques, my writing in general, etc. The true writer inside of me is starting to pursue to more I blog.
 Thanks again for letting me participateNo Problem Guilianna! 

Next up we have a lifestyle blogger, Sophie from Blunts Book Blog! Sophie is a 'twenty something year old teacher at an all girls boarding school'. She tells her viewers that she is 'inspired by the young girls she teaches'. As well as blogging, Sophie loves 'to travel, read 

books and watch movies' Lets get going! 

 (picture found from the about me tab on sophies blog)

1. I understand you must have a busy life, as you also have a full time job. What is it like trying to juggle work and blogging?

Being a teacher I work odd hours but I also get fantastic holidays. I try to spend the holidays getting inspired, going out and doing things that I can write about. I find that my super organisational skills help an awful lot during term time. I try to write 5 days a week. I don't beat myself up if I miss that target. Blogging is meant to be fun!  I have just started a second blog... I think things will only get busier for me as I intend to keep both blogs running.

2. We first met through twitter, so how do you use social media site to promote your blog?

I have been blogging since 2012 but have only really taken it seriously sinnce October 2013. If i'm completely honest I didn't even realise you could use social media to promote your blog, to meet other bloggers and brands. I guess that I must have been living under a rock!! Now I use it to get my blog seen and to connect with new bloggers. This is especially useful as I am trying to create an online community for my new blog Dear women, we care X. Twitter and facebook are great for that. I'm trying to get a group of like minded people together to make a change for women. Twitter/facebook/bloglovin...can also provide almost instant feedback on what you are doing right and what you may need to change. Socila media is a game changer. It can turn a tiny blog into a big sucess. I love it.

3. To you, what is the most important aspect to create a good blog post?

It has to come from the heart and you should want to read your own posts. If you are not proud of what you are writing then whats the point in doing it? If it comes from the heart then you will also find your individuality. There are a million beauty/fashion/travel/cooking related blogs out there.  You have to quickly work out what is going to make yours stand out from the crowd...if what you are writing about is coming from the heart then it will stand out and you will have to make no apologies for it...I feel that I wrote from the heart a million tiems in that answer. But it's true. It has to.

4. What does your blog name, Blunts Book Blog, mean to you?
If i'm completely honest not an awful lot! I started out in this blogging game by writitng about books. Then that matured into more of a lifestyle/book/food/travel blog. I am thinking of changing the name as I feel it may mislead readers. My new blog: Dear Women, we care. X means an awful lot to me. Its about showing women out in the world who have no voice, no right to education, no access to medical care, who are lonely, scared and frightened that we care and that we are trying to do something to help.

5. Your blog is about a bit of everything. So what great blogs have you discovered through the massive blogging community?
My biggest favourite at the moment more recongised blogger than I am, but I adore the way she writes. She writes about things that matter and her feelings. You can tell that it comes from her heart. Thats what makes it a great blog.

Next up is the 21 year old fashion blogger Sheren from The Fashion Junkie! Sheren tells me she 'has a passion for fashion and an eye for style' She also confesses she is a 'shopaholic' . Sheren loves finding pieces that are 'affordable yet stylish'. Sheren posts great OOTDS, hauls, product review and lots more. Lets get started. 

(picture found on Sheren's blog)

Hi (or should I say Ciao!) Sheren! How are you?
Ciao Phoebe! I'm very good thank you. Hope you are well too :)
You have been blogging since 2011 I believe? How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to blog?
Yep, I started blogging in 2011 but only really started taking it seriously mid 2013. At the beginning of this year I set myself the goal of trying to push my blog forward and to a different level than it was on last year. I often keep that in mind and use that as a source of motivation. I also seek inspiration from other bloggers; reading their blog posts makes me want to write a new blog post and often gives me ideas.

What does your blog name, The Fashion Junkie, mean to you? 
It basically sums me up. I have an insane love for fashion and I'm quite the shopaholic. I'm sure those people who know me would agree that I definitely have a fashion addiction so I guess you can say that I'm a junkie to it. 

What do you spend the most time on when creating a blogpost? The design, photos or the actual text? 
I definitely spend the most time on the actual text. I can spend absolutely ages on it that it's actually quite annoying at times. Haha! Hmm I guess you can say that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I like to ensure that everything flows well and is engaging for my readers.

How do you use social media to attract attention for your blog? 
Believe it or not but up until three months ago I think I was one of the rare few individuals who didn't have a Facebook or Twitter account. I recently joined Twitter knowing that it could be a great way of promotiong my blog. I try to engage in as many blogger chats as possible and comment on those questions asked by other bloggers.

Finally, how has blogging changed you as a person? Do you think your life would be different without blogging? 
Blogging has enabled me to fill my spare time up with something that I love and enjoy doing. As cheesy as it may sound, blogging makes me happy :) I currently work full time in retail so often get home at 9pm. Despite how tired I may be I always spend a good few hours doing blog related stuff (i.e. putting together posts, visiting other blogs and engaging in blogger chats). That's how I know I love it because it's something that I happily dedicate my time to and look forward to doing. With that in mind I would say that my life might be a tad bit boring without blogging.

Finally in my line up of bloggers, is a fellow teen blogger who blogs about 'almost anything and everything'. It is Katie from Katies View! She is 14 years old and is 'Irish and proud'. Things Katie loves are 'food, chocolate, blogs, reading, films camogie and art' . Here we go! 

(blog header on Katies blog) 

You, like myself, are a teen blogger. Do your school friends know about your blog?
1. Nobody knows about my blog. Not even family, I kind of feel
embarrassed about it and I would rather strangers reading my thoughts
than people I know.

How do you find keeping up with school work and blogging?
2. I usually get my homework done fairly quickly and I don't have to
rush or anything. I always have a few blog posts written up in advance
if I know I'll be busy or I need one quickly.

If you didnt blog, do you think you would of found some of the blogs you read now anyways?
3. I had found some blogs already but no I don't think I would.
Twitter is great to chat especially the #tbloggers chat where its only

What do you do to keep you motivated when your blogs stats are not the best?
4. I just carry on and share my posts on Twitter and comment on lots
of blogs. Eventually my stats should pick up!

Finally, any advice you would give to teens thinking of starting a blog? 
5. Shedule your posts. Take part in Twitter chats. Share your blog on
social media as much as possible!

That is it, I hope you enjoyed it, although it has been quite hard to write up I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. Tell me what you thought of this posts in the comments below, I would love feedback as this is a very different type of post for me.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Why I love Black Clothing

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

In just about every outfit I put together, there is always an element of black clothing. I just can't help myself! Black is a classic colour and makes every outfit look almost more mature. Now I try not to wear black on black, coz I think having colour in an outfit is great because the outfit then looks bolder. 

Years ago, black was always asociated with funerals and mourning. So who made black commercially wearable? 

Black clothes have been bigged up in the stores for years. Classic black leggings became a huge trend in the 60's and since then, more and more black clothing items have hit the market, other than the already their fashion items, like black tights etc. 
Audry Hepburn, sporting black leggings. (Source-google images) 

Trousers used to be quite a masculine thing, therefore having basically skin tight trousers, made from a cheaper material (leggings) became very feminine and even sexy. 

Back to black(is that an amy winehouse song?) Black can be dressed up, for example a little black dress, or dressed down, like leggings and a tshirt. Black is used for the grungy look, and even for sportswear. Black clothing is everywhere, and I believe we should embrace this!
(Source-google images) 

Many women and girls turn to black clothes for many reasons, to show off their mood, its an easy option and black suits everyone. I love how everyone will have a piece of simple black clothing in their wardrobe, yet everyone will wear it differently!

Black featured massively in Milan Fashion Week (source-google images) 

That I think is all the background you need to know to understand why I love black clothes.
1. Many classic pieces are black (leather jacket, black leggings)
2. It will never go out of fashion
3. Is used in so many types of clothing
4. It is a very wearable colour
5. It can easily be adapted to suit anyones style. 

There you have it, my opinion on why I love black clothes! Hope you enjoyed this post and leave me some comments on what you think about these fashion posts :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
If you follow me on Twitter, you should know what this post is. If you don't follow me on twitter, please do here. Today I thought I would attempt a tutorial of one of my fave Kardashian/Jenner- Kylie Jenner! I find celebrity makeup tutorials so awesome to get tips from, but so hard to actually make a tutorial myself! I am getting inspiration from the look below and I only really considered doing this look coz I found a lipstick perfect for this! I hope you enjoy and would love some feedback in the comments. Also, please excuse my terrible pouting, I am much more of a smiler haha. 

I am starting (as always) with my base makeup. I conceal blemishes and redness with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 3, which is slightly too dark. Then I went over that with a dewy foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up in shade 100 Ivory. If any parts of my skin still look too dark I go over it with the concealer in shade 1.
I am then powdering with rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent. 
For brows, kylie has a very arched brows so. I attempted to comb mine into an arch. Mine are naturally quite straight, so this was a challenge! I used the benefit Browzings Brown colour and the two colours I am pointing at from my sleek Au Natural pallete to fill in my brows.
Then from my other sleek pallete (not sure of the name, sorry!) I used the white all over my lid. I applied this with my finger. Kylies crease colour is very subtle so I used the greyish colour I used on my brows.
Kylie doesnt have winged liner, but it definately gets thicker towards the outer corner. I used this topshop kohl pencil just in the outer corner.
I then used my soap and glory Supercat liner and went over the kohl pencil, then completes the line very thinly to the inner corner.  

I used this benefit black eyeshadow on the outer two thirds of my lower lashline. I blended it with my fingers. I used the white eyeshadow on the inner third the lower lashline, and in the inner corner to give that brightening effect that kylie has.
Kylies lashes are super long, so I used two mascaras. I used a coat of benefit They're real on my upper and lower lashes. Then I layered Maybelline Rocket Volume express on my upper lashes. I had curled my eyelashes before I did my eyeliner to prevent any smudging. 
Eyes and brows=done! 
In this look kylie does not have the full on kardashion bronzers, but still quite bronzey! Also coz of the flash on the camera, she looks very radient too. I first concealed under my eyes with Collection Illuminating Touch. Then I bronzed my cheekbones and up to my temples. 

There has been speculation that kylie has had a nose job, so to slim down my nose I used my bronzer on either side of the nose, and also around the chin, for gppd measure. If ever my bronzer looked streaky, I got my foundation brush and blended it in more.
I am using benefits high beam highlighter, I think this pic pretty much explains where I applied highlighter! I blended it with my fingers. 
I felt I looked VERY contoured, so to even things out I used benefit Rockateur blush on the apples of my cheeks.
For lips, kylie is clearly wearing a lip liner, but I didnt have one to match this lip colour(which I think is an extremely good match) sorry! I am using this Collection Deluxe Lipstick in 03 Charleston. It is quite glossy, so I didnt use a gloss on top.
Me trying to pout like kylie *sigh* 
Finished look!

There you have it, my kylie jenner makeup look. I hope you enjoyed it and gave you ideas, if you try even just a part of this look, I would love you to tweet me pics!