Monday, 14 April 2014

10 Months of Blogging: What Blogging means to me.

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Last monday I did a post where I  interview different bloggers and even though there were some technical difficulties (my brain was exploding as I am awful with technology) I think you guys enjoyed it! I had a teeny tiny bit of writers block and took to twitter to ask what you guys wanted to see. One reader replied requesting a lifestyle post, so here I am with one! I am doing this to celebrate 10 months of blogging, which I can't really believe!

I am not really gonna go into why I started blogging and all that stuff. I mainly want to talk about the blogging experience, which I did not expect to even get when I started!

Blogging to me is much more than a hobby. It is a passion. I love writing post, reading fellow bloggers posts, getting comments/followers and talking to other bloggers. I feel like I need to blog to keep you guys happy with my blog I suppose.

There are so many perks to blogging. You really improve as you go along. If you look at my posts last june when Geek Chic Notes was born they are cringey compared to what I write now! Except that Disney Stars Gone Wrong post, which is still ever popular! I did not take blogging seriously until I discovered other teen blogs who had achieved so much. The first blogs (other than the massive ones) I really discovered were Niamhs Dream, Pam The Mad (who no longer writes) and Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up. I remember commenting on these blogs and feeling really excited in case they checked out my blog! Now commenting on blogs is natural to me! From these blogs, I obviously discovered loads more.

In the first 6 months of my blog I achieved 50 followers. Which means in the last four months only 8 followers have been gained, BUT I started Bloglovin and have 33 other followers on that, so I technically have around 80 followers collectively. Eh eh? haha anyhoo. Stats on my blog can get me down if they are low but I know I just have to keep blogging and once I am pleased with the content, the stats are not really important. I enjoy what I do, and although I would rather 100 or more people enjoyed my blog, I am glad at least 50 or so do.

I am writing this on Monday, so maybe by the time I publish this I will have told my best friend about my blog. Yes, believe it or not after 10 months of blogging not one of my friends has found out! The longer I leave it to tell people, the harder it gets. I just have never mixed my blogging life and my actual life. Recently however I started posting pics on my blog where you can see my whole face, which basically means I would be cool with school friends finding out. My family do know about my blog however.

This has been a very rambly post but here is my final point:Motivation. If you are not motivated to blog, the quality of your posts will go down, meaning the stats will go down. It is very hard to get your best quality posts up during term time because there is revision, homework, music practice, school clubs and more. Blogging becomes quite frantic, but at the same time I want the best content. Basically, I try and create a balance. I am a procrastinator, but I do manage. Just be positive, confident and enthusiastic about your blog. If you do not like something about your blog: Change it. Ultimately it is your space on the internet and only you can make it to the top standards that you want it to be.

That is it, I hope you have enjoyed! Quite a different post for me but I hope you found it useful.

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