Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Barry M Matte Nail Paint First Impressions

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Today I come to you with a review post. I personally find these posts hard to write but some of my review posts are very popular so I'm doing this for the people, haha.

Last Sunday I purchased the Barry M Matte Nail Paint in the shade vanilla. It looks like a really classy shade, but it is not too grungy so it is perfect for spring, in my opinion. I was also looking forward to trying completely matte nails, because I have never tried such a nail polish before. So that sunday evening I painted one coat of the polish onto my nails. The colour comes out more purple than it looks in the bottle, but I still loved the colour. It also dried very quickly, which is always good.

However, I went to bed that night and I woke up the next morning and the nail polish had chipped.  Now I am quite crazy, but I am sure I would not pick off my nail varnish in the night. Obviously I was very disappointed with this coz I love Barry M nail polish. That morning I painted a second coat and I had to put on a top coat to prevent any far too early chipping. Putting on a top coat meant the nails had a slight shine to them, meaning the polish lost its matte effect, which was why I loved the polish. It doesn't look as shiny as putting a top coat on normal nail polish though, which is good.

Overall, I love the colour (even though it comes out slightly different to the shade in the bottle), the speedy drying time and the matte finish of the nails. However it is all too good to be true because the nail paint does not last therefore a top coat is needed, meaning the matte effect is destroyed. I am quite disappointed with this nail polish and the next time a purchase a Barry M nail polish, it will not be from this range. I was planning on doing an update of how long the polish has stayed on for, but I know that due to the fact it chipped within the first twelve hours of application, an update will not be necessary!

I hope you enjoyed my first impressions of this product, and follow this blog for more review posts! ;)

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  1. That's a gorgeous colour! Do you think this would be better under a matte topcoat? Because it's such a beautiful colour, so it makes sense to buy it and then use a matte topcoat over the top :))


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