Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
If you follow me on Twitter, you should know what this post is. If you don't follow me on twitter, please do here. Today I thought I would attempt a tutorial of one of my fave Kardashian/Jenner- Kylie Jenner! I find celebrity makeup tutorials so awesome to get tips from, but so hard to actually make a tutorial myself! I am getting inspiration from the look below and I only really considered doing this look coz I found a lipstick perfect for this! I hope you enjoy and would love some feedback in the comments. Also, please excuse my terrible pouting, I am much more of a smiler haha. 

I am starting (as always) with my base makeup. I conceal blemishes and redness with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 3, which is slightly too dark. Then I went over that with a dewy foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up in shade 100 Ivory. If any parts of my skin still look too dark I go over it with the concealer in shade 1.
I am then powdering with rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent. 
For brows, kylie has a very arched brows so. I attempted to comb mine into an arch. Mine are naturally quite straight, so this was a challenge! I used the benefit Browzings Brown colour and the two colours I am pointing at from my sleek Au Natural pallete to fill in my brows.
Then from my other sleek pallete (not sure of the name, sorry!) I used the white all over my lid. I applied this with my finger. Kylies crease colour is very subtle so I used the greyish colour I used on my brows.
Kylie doesnt have winged liner, but it definately gets thicker towards the outer corner. I used this topshop kohl pencil just in the outer corner.
I then used my soap and glory Supercat liner and went over the kohl pencil, then completes the line very thinly to the inner corner.  

I used this benefit black eyeshadow on the outer two thirds of my lower lashline. I blended it with my fingers. I used the white eyeshadow on the inner third the lower lashline, and in the inner corner to give that brightening effect that kylie has.
Kylies lashes are super long, so I used two mascaras. I used a coat of benefit They're real on my upper and lower lashes. Then I layered Maybelline Rocket Volume express on my upper lashes. I had curled my eyelashes before I did my eyeliner to prevent any smudging. 
Eyes and brows=done! 
In this look kylie does not have the full on kardashion bronzers, but still quite bronzey! Also coz of the flash on the camera, she looks very radient too. I first concealed under my eyes with Collection Illuminating Touch. Then I bronzed my cheekbones and up to my temples. 

There has been speculation that kylie has had a nose job, so to slim down my nose I used my bronzer on either side of the nose, and also around the chin, for gppd measure. If ever my bronzer looked streaky, I got my foundation brush and blended it in more.
I am using benefits high beam highlighter, I think this pic pretty much explains where I applied highlighter! I blended it with my fingers. 
I felt I looked VERY contoured, so to even things out I used benefit Rockateur blush on the apples of my cheeks.
For lips, kylie is clearly wearing a lip liner, but I didnt have one to match this lip colour(which I think is an extremely good match) sorry! I am using this Collection Deluxe Lipstick in 03 Charleston. It is quite glossy, so I didnt use a gloss on top.
Me trying to pout like kylie *sigh* 
Finished look!

There you have it, my kylie jenner makeup look. I hope you enjoyed it and gave you ideas, if you try even just a part of this look, I would love you to tweet me pics!


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