Friday, 25 April 2014

My Skin Conundrums

Hey! Its phoebs :)

To be honest I do not really have problems with sorting out my skin, I just liked the word Conundrums so I used it in the title :) 

I belive no one has perfect skin. But you want your skin to be healthy so you feel more confident, right?  I am just going to talk to you about my skin and problem areas and what products I love on my skin. This will not be a full on skincare routine because it differs every mornig/night. 
This is my skin, apologies for the extreme close up haha. I am wearing virtually no makeup, it is 20:10 now and I put concealer on at 7:15 this morning so I highly doubt it has lasted.  I have combination skin. My nose is oily and is prone to black heads, my forehead is slightly oily and often gets those tiny spots, my cheeks and around my nose are prone to redness and large pores, and my chin is prone to blemishes. Other than those areas my face is just normal skin, which i am thankful for. But for me personally, some products I use really help my skin. Maybe they will help you too but if not, once you find the right skincare your skin will improve. 

My daily facewash is a must for me. It smooths my skin and reduces redness. It is the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash. It looks like a very thin liquid, but once you pump it, it comes out as a foam. It is very gentle on the skin and very cheap to get! I use this every morning. 

 Next thing I love is this vitamin E eye cream. As I am young eye cream isnt too important so I didn't splash the cash on this. It really brightens up the eyes and keeps your eyes healthy if you like to apply lots of eyemakeup (not that this is a makeup remover) only problem with mine is there is a slit in mine so I cannot use the squeezy end. Also it stings if it goes in your eye. Just saying. I use this every couple of nights.

Next up is a grainy face scrub, also by the bramd tea tree and witch hazel. I love this, I feel my pores seem cleaner and I do not get as many blackheads. I love how it is so natural as well. It feels like you are appling love to your skin haha. I use this every couple of days.

Next up is my holy grail moisturiser. The garnier moisture match is just so perfect. It is an instant pick me up. I have the version for normal skin, which has an SPF, which is an added bonus. I use this every morning. 

Finally is my simple night cream which I apply (no guesses here) every night. I love the thick texture of this cream and how it feels on my skin. You do not feel sticky going to bed and your skin feels refreshed in the morning. I love this so much and will deffo repurchase when I run out! 

They are my top 5 skincare products, tell me if you have tried any of them! Hope this was helpful.

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