Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Skater Skirts and How to Style Them + I need bloggers!

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
I am here with yet another fashion post. I really am loving all this fashion blogging stuff, but my apologies coz I just took these pics in my bedroom.  I would of gone outside but its quite a dull day so there didnt seem to be any point. I will have a makeup tutorial up tomorrow and an OOTD on friday possibly. If your liking the blog, please follow, it makes all the work I put into this blog seem worth it when I have a lovely comment or a new follower. 

Skater skirts are a massive fashion craze in the summer. But there are SO many different ways to style them, also making them suitable for spring. I am going to show you one summer way to style Skater Skirts, and 2 Spring ways. Enjoy!

Look 1. Crop Top
Skater skirts look so girly with a cropped top, because you really get full view of the skirt with the shortened top. Its such an easy outfit to put together and it is one that will always look good. 

Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Look 2: Chunky Cardigans
Chunky, thick,long cardigans are something every girl should have in their wardrobe. They are such a casual, cosy piece, but with skater skirts, they look so classy because from behind you only see a small amount of the skater skirt. It is perfect for spring because the cardi keeps you warm and the skater skirt keeps you summery. 

Cardi: New Look
Vest: Hollister

Look 3: Preppy

I think this look is my favourite, beause it is quite original. The sweater is really baggy and casual then the socks spice up the outfit. Its a super cute look and so easy to pull off. Another look that is great for spring coz the sweater is thin so you do not get too hot if the weather is good, but the sweater also keeps you warm on a colder day coz of the long sleeves.
(I was trying to look all preppy reading a book...hmmm.)

Sweater: h&m
Socks: M&s 

That is the 3 ways I like to style a skater skirt! If you adapt any of these looks be sure to tweet me here . If you are new around here, you won't know this but it is actually the first time where I have shown my whole face in a post! Shock horror! I am not too sure why I never did before, I think I was just nervous. But anyways, here I am :) On another note, I would really like to do a post where I interview some bloggers so if you have a blog, any type of blog please email me and I can send you the questions to answer and you will be featured on the blog! Email me   Hope to be in touch soon :)

P.s the first image of every batch in this post is the most true to the clothes colour, I had to use an app with effects because it had a timer. 


  1. I love your outfits! The picture of you reading the teen vogue book is really nice xox

  2. Aaw thank you! Hahah I tried to make it seem casual :D xx

  3. These photos look so retro aaaah I love your style :D (nosing through your blog sorry ahhaa !)

    1. Thank you! No worries, the more nosing, the better =D weirdly enough I was nosing through your youtube today hahah I loved your 1min lookbook!x


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