Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tips for Having an Amazing Sleepover

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

Next week I am off to Norfolk (do not worry, there is internet so I will be posting) with my best friend and my family.  I am super excited, but I want to make sure me and my friend will have optimum fun. These tips come from my own experience with sleepovers and I got a couple online. 

1. Ideas
To be honest, at most sleepovers we end up eating and stalking people on facebook. It is fun (ha) but there are so many more things you could do! 

Movie/ Tv Marathon 
Grab two or three films, maybe one you both love and a new film to watch together. Get into your pjs, have a massive bowl of popcorn and slob out together on the sofa whilst enjoying some audio visual entertainment. A couple of my favourite films are
Mean Girls
Pitch Perfect
Or just get some of your favourite disney films! 

Pamper Evening
This is really easy and doesnt cost a lot, despite what you might think. Get into your pjs, tie your hair up and remove your makeup. All you need to buy are some face masks (one for each person). You can get these sashes for a pound each in boots. Then whilst you are wearing your masks, paint your own/each others finger nails and toes. This is really fun to do and you feel refreshed. 
My favourite nail polishes: Barry M nail paint in Pink Flamingo, Sinful Colours in Pistache and Rimmel Metal Rush. 

With your pamper evening, you and your friends could make smoothies and milkshakes.

Baking is great coz its fun and tastes good! Making Cake Pops is really fun to do with friends coz you bake them, ice them and they are really fun to eat. I have a cake pop Maker from Lakelands, if you dont have one of these cupcakes are still great to make. You could even use a premade cake mix to quicken things. Then have fun eating your goodies all night.

Those are my 3 sleepover activity ideas, now lets talk FOOD.

For dinner, just order takeaway pizza or cook pizza yourself. If you dont like pizza, fish and chips is just as good. But who doesn't like pizza?;) for pudding buy a tub of ben and jerrys ice cream. 

For snacks, buy things you can share. A bag of popcorn/crisps, a share bag of mini eggs and a share bag of your favourite sweets would be plenty. I never really find fizzy drinks necessary at sleepovers, but you could go and get some. Water is an ESSENTIAL coz after all that ice cream/chocolate/sweets, people get thirsty/feel slightly ill. 

Finally, here are my sleepover essentials: 
Place to sleep (living room works- just away from your parents room) 
Blankets and cushions
Other snacks
Medicine (people can get headaches- better to be prepared than have them go home) 
Phone Charger/plugs (it sucks being the last one awake) 
Magazines (great to go through together) 

That is it for my sleepover tips, hope you enjoyed it and comment below what you like doing at sleepovers! As always for more of this blog it would be fantastic if you followed via GFC or Blog Lovin (links are at the side)

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