Saturday, 12 April 2014

Why I love Black Clothing

Heyy! Its phoebs :)

In just about every outfit I put together, there is always an element of black clothing. I just can't help myself! Black is a classic colour and makes every outfit look almost more mature. Now I try not to wear black on black, coz I think having colour in an outfit is great because the outfit then looks bolder. 

Years ago, black was always asociated with funerals and mourning. So who made black commercially wearable? 

Black clothes have been bigged up in the stores for years. Classic black leggings became a huge trend in the 60's and since then, more and more black clothing items have hit the market, other than the already their fashion items, like black tights etc. 
Audry Hepburn, sporting black leggings. (Source-google images) 

Trousers used to be quite a masculine thing, therefore having basically skin tight trousers, made from a cheaper material (leggings) became very feminine and even sexy. 

Back to black(is that an amy winehouse song?) Black can be dressed up, for example a little black dress, or dressed down, like leggings and a tshirt. Black is used for the grungy look, and even for sportswear. Black clothing is everywhere, and I believe we should embrace this!
(Source-google images) 

Many women and girls turn to black clothes for many reasons, to show off their mood, its an easy option and black suits everyone. I love how everyone will have a piece of simple black clothing in their wardrobe, yet everyone will wear it differently!

Black featured massively in Milan Fashion Week (source-google images) 

That I think is all the background you need to know to understand why I love black clothes.
1. Many classic pieces are black (leather jacket, black leggings)
2. It will never go out of fashion
3. Is used in so many types of clothing
4. It is a very wearable colour
5. It can easily be adapted to suit anyones style. 

There you have it, my opinion on why I love black clothes! Hope you enjoyed this post and leave me some comments on what you think about these fashion posts :)


  1. I totally agree. The color black works on everyone. It's perfect. Great post! x

    1. I find its a great basic colour in which we can explore our own style. Glad you enjoyed!xx


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