Monday, 5 May 2014

Audrey Hepburn Eye Makeup Tutorial

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Yesterday would of been Audrey Hepburns 85th birthday. In honour of this beauty icon I thought I would share with you guys this audrey hepburn eye makeup tutorial.

First off, I'm gonna start with brows. Recently to give my brows more 'stick' I spray a hair volumising spray onto my spooley and comb my brows into the desired shape. Personally my brows are thicker than Audrey's but I combed them into an arch as best I could. Just do your brows to suit you.

For filling in my brows I took a brown eyeliner pencil and did light strokes through my brow and creating a more defined arch. I did this very naturally and lightly, like Audrey's. 
Brows done.

For eyeshadows I will just be using the smokin eyes pallete by benefit.

I took the pink colour on my real techniques brush and packed it on all over the lid. To get a more pinky colour I rubbed in the creamy colour over the top, 
In my crease I took the grey colour on the brush from the set and really tried to define the crease.
I took the black eyeshadow in the outer corner and outer crease on my mini ecotools brush and really gave the outer corner and crease more definition. This also helps to give the illusion of more rounded eyes. Finally I took the black eyeliner from the set and lightly drew a line through the crease, for maximum definition. This eyeliner does not glide onto the lid so was perfect for further depthening crease.
For eyeliner I used this black liquid liner along my upper lashline, getting slightly thicker towards the outer corner.
I then I applied mascara whilst the eyeliner was fully drying. I concentrated the mascara on the outer lashes and lower lashes. You could use false lashes like Audrey but to make this look wearable I thought there was no need. 
And lastly, I took the brown eyeliner used for my brows in the outer two thirds of the water line. I also heard that Audrey used brown eyeliner regulary so I drew this brown liner over the top of my black after it had dried to avoid smuding. Audreys liner always looked emaculate so try your best not to smudge it. 
Finished! look

If you think the look is getting a bit datk just apply pink eyeshadow where you think extra is needed.

(Ignore my skin, I had no base makeup on) 
There we have it, an Audrey Hepburn inspired eyemakeup look. If you have any questions/requests for blog posts please comment below, and if your reading via blog lovin (which you can follow me on by clicking somewhere to the right of this post) remember to like it so I know you enjoyed it! 

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