Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blogger Competition- My outfit from Kylie at M and Co

Hey! Its phoebs :)
During the week I got contacted by the brand M and Co asking me if I wanted to take part in a competition they had running. Of course I got very excited and said yes, Before I show you the outfit I created let me tell you a bit about the brand. 

M and Co started as a department store 50 years ago and now has 300 stores throughout the UK. Kylie is a collection specifically designed for teens. It is great when you dont shop in the kids section but do not fit into quite everything in the womens section. I have only briefly checked out the brand before I got emailed, and now I have seen the Kylie teens range I love it! It is not too expensive either, which is a plus. Here is the outfit I created from the range under £100.
This outfit is something I would wear in the evenings whilst on holiday. I love the bold colour of the dress and how the other pieces are quite monochromatic. 

The first item on my wish list, is this coral coloured shift dress for £20. 
I am loving shift dresses at the moment. I think styled right they look stunning. Because it is not a 'normal' dress shape it is quite out there and especially with this coral colour I love it! 

I absoloutely love this denim look shirt for £12. 
I would unbutton this and wear it more as a denim jacket. One of these is super versatile and a lot cheaper than a denim jacket. I love the colour of this, because it is light it is quite summery, and it enhanses the dress. 

Next on my wishlist is these over the knee socks for £2.50 
 Over the knee socks are a cute trend that can be worn all year. Teaming these with a dress might seem mad but I think it would look preppy. And for 2.50 you cannot go wrong. 

As I would wear this look in the evening, An up-do would be great. This hair scrunchie would really tie the look together. 
It is £3 and I think would go perfectly with the socks. It is great to get your hair up and out of your face for summer, so I think this would be amaze for spicing up messy buns. 

Finally, you cannot forget shoes. I am going for a simple, understated shoe: the classic black pump. 
These are £8 and again,could be worn with almost anything. As this look is quife bold, a simple shoe would finish it off. 

All in all, On my wishlist is 5 items and the grand total price is £45.50! Such amazing prices! If I do win the competition I will of course do an actuall OOTD for you all to get a better idea of the look I am going for. If you are interested in checking out Kylie at M and Co, go to the M and Co link at the top of this post and click on the tab 'Kylie' . 

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