Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello! Where I've Been etc

Hey! Its phoebs :)
 My blogging has rather lacked recently, but i can explain! I have been rehearsing for my school play, Alice In Wonderland and it was performed last night. It went rather well. Also it was my birthday on tuesday so I was busy. A Birthday Haul will be up sometime next week, if my post scheduling  works. 

I am also going to be away from tomorrow until next saturday on a school trip. There should be a post up sometime next week if it works, sorry if it doesnt. 

A massive thanks for 50 Blog Lovin Followers! I will be giving some bloggers a shoutout in tomorrows post, so look out for that. 

Finally after next week, the blogging will get better! Summer will be upon me and everything will be great. Sorry it has been a slow blogging month, but I am determind to be an amazing blogger over the summer. 

Here is a sneak peak into tomorrows post exciting right? 

I will have a 'proper' post up tomorrow then after next week, blogging will be back to normal. 
Thanks for bearing with me :)

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  1. Hello I hope you had a lovely birthday and which part did you play??? Also hope you enjoy your school trip :) xxx


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