Sunday, 1 June 2014

Music Musings: Of Monsters and Men

Hey! Its phoebs :) 
Today I thought I would talk about the kind of music I like. I am the greatest Imagine Dragons fan, and I always will be. Recently I have discovered another band, Of Monsters and Men. Their music is alternative. It really is lovely. 

Of monsters and men feautures guys and girls, making them a bit different in the 'band world' .

My favourite song of the moment is Dirty Paws. It is very simple but the harmonies are chilling. My favourite lyrics from the song are 'the dragonfly it ran away, but it came back with a story to say' 
I think it shows how you have to step out of your comfort zone to get new oppourtunities. 
(Felt like I have just done an english PEA paragraph- Point, Evidence, Analysis haah) 

One of their most famous songs (well I think) from the album is Little Talks. Allegedly the song is about a widow missing her husband, kinda depressing right? The song is acutally quite upbeat. I originally thought it was about a couple who couldnt communicate well with each other and had the perfect relationship in their dreams. My favourite lyric is 'dont listen to a word I say, the screams all sound the same' I think you can really interpret that in your own way, which is why I love that lyric. 

The final song I think worthy of a mention is Mountain Sound. Again quite upbeat. Their voices blend so well in this song. I'm not too sure what it is precisley about, but it puts you in a good mood. Theres not one part of the lyrics that really calls out to me, I love it all! The chorus is great though, go listen!

That is my take on Of Monsters and Men, really go check them out! Their whole album is just under a fiver on itunes I think, go download it!

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  1. I like both those band, I really love little talks and the whole imagine dragon album. I love how music can make everything feel good again

    Gaby x


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