Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer Vs Winter OOTD Collab

 Hey! Its phoebs :)
I haven't done a collab in a while now so I was super excited when Brooke from Brooke Ashleigh contacted me asking to do a collab! I was planning on doing an OOTD today anyways, but I thought it would be quite interesting doing a collab OOTD. Brooke lives in Australia and stupidly I forgot it is currently winter there, but we thought we could do a summer vs winter OOTD! Make sure you check out Brookes post, she is really lovely so go show her some lurv guys! Haha. 

I took these pictures on my phone (after much hassle getting it to work) because my phone has a timer camera, so there is no effect on these pics! Also I am not sure if the quality will translate onto this post, but we will see. 

Yesterday I aqquired a Penny Board and I am terrible at it, but it is so much fun! Plus I look like tumblr girl don't you think? Ha ha, no ok bye. Seriously though, the colours of this are so cute, and it was reduced from £70 to £30 . I could not resist. 


Top: Primark
Shorts: Boohoo
Hi Tops: H&M

The weather has been surprisingly good this summer, I mean it has been good for England. Good english weather is a lot different from good tropical weather. I have been enjoying wearing shorts, and this top is light and airy plus I love the cut of it. It is slightly cropped which I quite like, because it occasionally shows a bit of stomach, but your belly isn't constantly on display. 

Rings: Topshop 
Hair tie: Primark

I really have been getting into topshop rings. I think they add a girlie but edgy look to a lot of outfits. I like spicing it up for summer, and rings have been my go to. 

I think this outfit is actually quite tumblr. Lets face it, we are all partial to tumblr girls style. Now I'm not saying I want to be a tumblr girl (god no) but there style is super cute, and it helps give you some style inspiration. 

My dog wanted to join the party too haha. Isn't she the sweetest? 

I quite like the blurriness of this photo. Clearly I was going so fast it couldn't capture the moment. Umm yeah....

I like wearing my hi tops in summer, because personally I wear them more in winter so teaming them with shorts is quite a contrast, but I think it works really well. 

That is it for this post, hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out Brookes post, I have linked it at the beggining of this post. 

P.s Thank you to Brooke for getting in touch, this has been really fun! :) 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Favourites! Beauty, Fashion + Random :)

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I have not done a favourites post for a couple of months now,  I am not too sure why I stopped, I just felt a little uninspired by them. I have tried to really narrow my favourites down, so it is more interesting for you and so I don't repeat myself too much haha. Lets get started with the beauty favourites! 


For my birthday, my friends ever so kindly gave me the Naked palette by Urban Decay. And I am in love with it! The colours are so beautiful, perfect for any occasion. They stay in place for a long time plus the pigmentation is fab. I want to do a Stila vs Urban Decay palette comparison, or just the Naked review. So comment below which one you would rather!

I have been really impressed with Revlon makeup brushes this month. I love their eyeshadow blending brush. I got one on my friends recommendation as she compared it to Mac's 217 , so for £2.99 or something, I thought why not. It fits in the crease perfectly and the hairs do not malt, which makes me very happy haha. The brush also isn't too harsh so it is lovely to use. 

For some unknown reason, I felt the need to buy yet another concealer. I absoloutely do not regret my descison (my bank balance begs to differ however) because it is amazing! I am talking about the L'Oreal True Match Concealer. I got the shade 2 Vanilla, which I intended to use as a under the eye brightening colour, but it matches my skin tone pretty well so I use it on blemishes too. The only problem I have with it is how little the product you get, but I will be repurchasing. 

Finally my last beauty favourite is my Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter. I love these a lot, but more than the formula (which is great for summer) I love the colour I got! It is called Macaroon, and it is a gorgeous pink colour. 


As it is not school I can wear my own clothes (uniform problems eh) so I have loads of fashion favourites this month! I have narrowed it down to two, and they are both from new look actually. 

The first favourite is this bandeu twist bikini. I love the royal blue, it really enhances your tan. The whole twist style bandeu is great for my (lack of) shape ha, and it fits me best. The bottoms are great as they are not like grannie pants, but they don't show off too much cheek, which makes you feel uncomfy. 
Together I think the set was around the 11 pound mark, but I am not really sure. 

I also purchased these black heels from new look. If you did not know, I went on a cruise and there are 2 formal nights, as I did not purchase a new dress for either night, my mammy treated me to some black heels. They were £22.99 and so worth it! They looked so chic and stylish. Admittedly, I could hardly walk in them, but they looked really nice on 


My first random favourite of the month is Gossip Girl. I am now on season 3 and am at the part where Chuck and Blair break up, which makes me so sad. I get far too into the show, like I hate with a passion Jack Bass, and Chuck's Mother OH MY GOD. I really like chuck (my friends also got me a cardboard cut out of him for my birthday) and its just so sad k. When I remember he is a fictional character, I feel slighlty depressed. I completely admit I have no life, but he's chuck bass! I cant even. 

This month I have really been enjoying my Skull Candy Uprock 2.0 headphones. I have never really worn proper headphones, and these look really cool and the sound is good. 

That is it for my July Favourites, I hope you enjoyed and comment/tweet/email me post ideas if you have amy ypu would like to see. Thanks a million for 60 BlogLovin followers, can we get 70 by mid August? I hope we can haha. If you want to see anything back to school related, remember use the hashtag #backtoschoolwithphoebs! 

Also I have got more emails this week from bloggers (im guessing because of my tips on blogging post) which has been really lovely so please I would love more of you to get in touch more often. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Makeup Starter Kit

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I started getting into makeup when I was in year seven, and because I hadn't discovered beauty blogs and beauty videos, I made the fatal mistake of getting the cheapest makeup I could find. I am a real drugstore girl but the lower end of the drugstore can be very hit or miss. Today I am hopefully going to help some of you by creating a makeup starter kit! These are basically the products I think you need for starting out in makeup, there are of course other things but I only really want to mention things that are easy to use. Personally I now think liquid liner is an essential, however if I had purchased one as my first ever makeup product, it would not have gone well. Lets get on with the kit! If  you are curious and want to see my full makeup collection, click here , and for my full makeup brush collection, click here.

BB cream

I really think this is all you need starting out for your base makeup, as it gives a natural look. For BB cream I recommend the Garnier BB cream, but the colours are dark and it has a thick consistency, so if you are quite pale and/or want a lighter, more dewy coverage, go for the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. As far as concealers go, I highly, highly recommend the soap and glory kick ass concealer. It comes with 2 concealer shades and a powder, it is such a great buy. You use the pinker concealer under eyes, and the greener one on blemishes. The powder is my personal favourite thing about it, ut sets any makeup perfectly, and doesnt make you look cakey. 

Eyebrow comb

Starting out with makeup, doing eyebrows can be a tricky one, so just by using an eyebrow comb you can get the shape you want, then when you get more confident you can use a brown eyeshadow in your brows. 

Neutral Eyeshadow Pallete
A couple of bright colours. 

If you are on a budget, I highly recommend the sleek Au Naturel Pallete. The colours are gorgeous
and so long lasting! If you know you will wear neutrals and can afford to splash some cash, I
recommend the Naked Palletes by Urban Decay. I own the Naked 1(review soon), but choose which of the palletes suits you the best, they are all lovely! 

Unless you really are into brights, I suggest only getting a couple rather than a pallete because then you can be sure you will really use them. I recommend MUA baked trios. If you really will not wear bright colours, get a smokey eye kit! I am as of yet to discover a good drugstore smokey eye kit, I really like the benefit one however. 

Eyeliners + Mascara
Pencil eyeliner
Clear Mascara
Black Mascara

Like I said before, I love liquid liner now, but it is not an essential. I really recommend the soap and glory smoulder kohl eyeliner. It comes in brown or black so choose which one you prefer. I did a full on review of it herewhich is one of my more popular posts so go check it out if you are interested.

A clear mascara is just one of those essentials that doesnt get too much use, but everyone should have one. I started using it before I used full on mascara, so go buy one! I have the 17 mascara, but I hear natural collection do a good one too. 

Finally you gotta have a mascara. I recommend black mascara opposed to brown because there is more choice with black. My favourite drugstore mascara is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express and my favourite high end is the Benefit They're Real. I did a comparison of these mascaras a while ago which is my most popular post (I think) so go check that out 

Tinted LipBalm/ Lip Butter
Lipstick x2
Lipgloss x2 

I think lip products are so lovely that you need a lot. My favourite tinted lipbalm is my maybelline babylips in Cherry Me. It is such a lovely colour and tastes so good. My favourite Lip Butter is the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Maceroon. The colour is so perfect! 

For lipsticks, just choose 2 colours that you like. Try and make them different, like don't get two pinks with only one shade difference. I would definately recommend the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, the staying power on them is fantastic, plus the colour range is great. 

The lip gloss colours you choose do not have to correspond with the lipstick colours. Currently I do not have a favourite drugstore lipgloss, but I have heard great things about the Tanya Burr Lipglosses, but don't take my word for it as I have never tried them. For more of a liquid lipstick, look into the Rimmel Apocolips, they apply like a lipgloss, but dry like a lipstick. 

That is all I got for you guys, I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! Comment below your top makeup essential.  

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tips for Starting A Blog

Hey! Its phoebs :)
First off, I apologise for my attemps of explaining things in this post, I can never quite word explanations haha. Secondly, in the grand scheme of blogging, I have hardly any followers (i love you all though) so I am hardly an expert, BUT I have made mistakes and learnt from them, so I know a thing or two. 

You can literally start a blog at the click of a button, but it is not easy to maintain. I had made countless blogs before Geek Chic Notes that had only lasted 2 weeks or so. My first tip is to make sure you do want to start a blog. I don't mean consider doing it for weeks, I just mean when you have the inspiration to start a blog, just understand that it is time consuming, but extremely fun. 

Blog names. Oh blog names. I made this blog 2 months before I even posted (don't ask me why ha) and it was initially to be a fashion blog. When I actually started posting I realised I wanted to write about beauty. My tip for blog names is choose a name that does not restrict you to one genre of posts. As much as the name Geek Chic Notes is a little cringy now, I highly doubt I would be writing if I had called it something like Phoebes Fashion Diary, because I would not of felt I could write about anything but fashion. 

Now you have your blog up and running, write your first post. Mine was just a picture (ha) but write about anything. It could be literally anything. My tip is to write one post then think about a design. If you design it before there is any posts up, you might not like the fonts/colours/anything and spend more time worrying about design than your content. A blog header is not an essential at first, just choose a funky font. At some point a blog header is a great idea, I have no clue how I go about explaining how to make one, you could google it I suppose, sorry! I would write a sentence or so for the blog description, then create an 'about' tab for more info on yourself. A contact tab is good if you have social media, you could even link them to it. Creating tabs can be done if you go on the Pages section of your dashboard. Keep your blog unique, but not cluttered. If it is not nice to look at, people will be less likely to read it. Finally for design, keep your post font really simple. People do not like reading tricky fonts.

My next tip is something I did not do for ages but get BlogLovin. Literally, it is so much easier to gain followers, and keep track of who you follow. Go on the blog lovin site, create an account and there is an option to connect your blog with it. Make sure there is a link on your blog to your blog's bloglovin page. I wish I had created my Bloglovin sooner, but at least you guys don't make the same mistake! Speaking of bloglovin, I would love 60 followers by the end of summer, so make sure you guys are following me! 

My next tip is followers and pageviews will not come unless you post loads. Get experience with writing, figure out your writing style, followers and pageviews will come later. Content is so much more important than stats. You should be more proud of your content than the statistics of your blog. That is an important thing, never forget that! 

The blogging world is a big community, and it really does not take long to find other bloggers like yourself. So make sure you connect with them, send them an email, comment on posts! They will love getting comments as much as you will, so be nice. And I was guilty of this, along with a lot of bloggers when they first started, but seriously, do not send spam comments such as 'check out my blog? I will follow you back.' Yes you can get a new follower, but they won't really like your blog as much as other true followers will. Comment things refering to the blogpost, or compliment their blog. To get their attention, subtly leave your bloglink at the end of the comment, they may check out your blog, along with people who read the comments. 

Again, I did not do this immediatley but I suggest you should. Get twitter. You get to find out about so many more bloggers, meaning more traffic towards your blog. There are blogger chats to join in, and when you have a new post, tweet the link to it! Twitter has made me find out about so many more great blogs, it is a must for the blogging community. 

That is all I have for you guys, I hope you found this useful. I know other bloggers may think this is not helpful, or I have missed out vital things, sorry in advance, I am still learning and this is just my current opinion :) haters gonna hate eh ;) 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

DIY Folders! #backtoschoolwithphoebs

Hey! Its phoebs :)
How depressing, my back to school series has started before my holiday series has ended. I will be finishing my holiday series soon though, so look out for that. Also, I will not be bombarding you with back to school posts, firstly coz along with the rest of the UK, I go back to school at the begining of september, so I don't want to ruin peoples summer with back to school posts haha. Saying that however, the majority of my readers are american, and you guys go back to school before us Brits, so I don't want to bore you guys with back to school posts in late August. 

I am dropping subjects for the first time ever, which means I have loads of extra folders from last year that will not be getting used. Also I want to have my work for next year in cool folders, so I thought I would spice up some old folders and use them as my music and drama folders for next year. This DIY is so simple, yet awesome because what usually happens is everyone buys their folders from the same shop, so with your DIY folders, no one has the same one as you! 

All you need: 
2 sheets of cool paper per folder - this can be anything from your doodles, wrapping paper, a printed off design or scrapbook paper, which is what I used. Just use what you have. 

With one sheet of your paper, fit it over the folder you want to revamp and fold it over the edges. 
Then I started from one side and glued to the other. What I mean is I glued the bit folded into the folder first, then I glued the paper covering the front and finally I glued the side bit. Basically, just glue it like side-front-side. A tip would be to put the glue on the folder not the paper, it was easier to work with. 
Glue glue glue. 

Finally repeat on the other side and then you are done! It is as simple as that. 
I like this paper coz it has room to write my name and the subject at the top. 
I like how the red border peeks out. 

I realise this is so easy, but I think it is an inexpensive way to make cute folders, coz nice folders are so overpriced. It is also great if you have boring folders lying around at home, but you want cool folders, it kills two birds in one stone eh? I just think it is a great, creative idea. 

If you guys recreate these folders please tweet/instagram them using the hashtag backtoschoolwithphoebs . It would be great to share all your ideas in one place! If you guys have any other back to diys, tweet/instagram a pic with the hashtag too, I would love to see. Finally if you have any back to school post requests, tweet me using the same hashtag, so I can see them in one place. 

I hope you enjoyed this posts and are looking forward for posts to come! I will have a beach makeup tutorial up tomorrow, so follow the blog on BlogLovin to get an update of when that is posted. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Update! I'm back, wifi crisis DIYS and post ideas!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
As you probably know, I was on holiday for the last two weeks pretty much, and I had a fab time! Annoyingly, I had some great posts planned, but due to the wifi not being free I could not post, or even update my social media to tell you I could not post. Whoops. 

Life has been pretty chilled lately, which is as it should be for summer. I have loads of exciting posts planned, including makeup tutorials and DIYS. I will be doing another fashion DIY, the link to my last one will be here. . I am planning a mass trip to hobbycraft to stock up on supplies so get excited for that. If you guys want to see any particular posts, please tell me! Or tell me your favourite types of posts to read, so I can combine what I want to write with what you want to read. I love you guys! 

Incase you did not know, I have instagram! I only have 23 followers so I would love you guys to follow me! My user name is just geekchicnotes. I will follow back all bloggers as well. I will stop mentioning to follow me on instagram from now on, promise! I just want you guys to know, haha. 

I would like your guys' advice! Basically I found cheap ish penny boards from amazon, and have narrowed it down to four colours, so please comment below which one you think I should buy.
They are all so adorable I cannot decide. 

I have 2 blogging goals for the end of summer. If you could help me out with this that would mean sooo much! Firstly, I want to reach 60 BlogLovin followers. That would be awesome. My BlogLovin following base grows a lot faster than GFC, so I do want more BlogLovin followers than GFC. if that all makes sense haha. Anyhoo my second goal is to reach 10,000 pageviews. I am approaching 8,000 I think, and I know getting over 2,000 pageviews in this time is gonna be seriously hard, but I am motivated to create the best content for you guys so we can get more pageviews. That all sounded a bit snazzy didnt it?

That is it for now, I will be posting a hair tutorial tomorrow so look out for that. Hope you enjoyed, and remember to follow meh on all the social media. K cools. Im joking,

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whats In My Carry-On Bag plus Travel Makeup #holidays2

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Today it is the second in my #holidays series. I hope you are enjoying it. I am goimg to show you what makeup I plan to wear on the plane and my carry on bag. Of course you do not need to wear makeup on the plane, it just gives me a boost. Amd the flight is only two hours so my face won't melt. Lets get started :)

First I am applying garnier BB cream all over my face and my L'Oreal true match concealer under my eyes. Usually I would say concealer is pointless on planes but my flight is early morning so I do not wanna look like a zombie haha. 
I am doing my usuall brow routine with benefit browzings. 

Face and brows so far. 

For eye makeup, I am only applying my fave mascara on upper amd lower lashes. Heavy eyemakeup on a plane is never a good idea, and mascara does the trick of making your eyes pop pretty well. Also if you are going to a hot country you will be wearing sunglasses when you get off the plane so people cannot even see your eyes. 

Finally for lips I am using a long lasting moisturing colour. This is the revlon lip butter in macaroon. It is fast becoming my summer lip shade. 

Makeup finished! 
I posted this photo on instagram this morning. Follow me on instagram geekchicnotes 

My carry-on bag, or hand luggage, was £32 from accesorize. It is a great size and I love its pale pink colour.
I am taking my naked pallete coz if I lost my case  I would be very upset if I lost it haha. The L'Oreal true match powder is for the plane. 
I always need a tissue when i do not have one, so a pack of tissues is great to bring. This little list is things I need to get at the airport. 
Headphones:Skull Candy 
I am also bringin my ipad and ipod. 
This is just my jewelerry and hair bag. My sunglasses are from new look, this is just a case for them that I found. 
Purse: Tk maxx 

That is it, I hope you found this interesting and useful. Comment below your Carry-On essentials and maybe I will give you a twitter shoutout? 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Tag

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I was tagged by Guiliana of Guilianna Marie to do the Summer Tag. I am quite looking forward to this tag, so lets get onto the questions. 

Whats your favourite thing about summer? 
No school! Or going on holiday. It is just a relaxing time really. 

Favourite summer drink? 
I like my caramel frappes but I would have them all year round sooo...
I like costas mango and passion fruit cooler a lot in summer. 

Location you like to go each summer? 
Not ever summer, but we have an apartment in Algarve in Portugal where we stay a lot. I like going back coz its somewhere we know haha. 

Favourite summer look? 
I am loving maxi skirts. They are so cute! 

Dresses or skirts? 
Skirts. I think they are more wearable. 

Sandals or ballet pumps? 
I like getting my toes out, so sandals definately. Not sure I have any ballet pumps for summer. 

Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down in summer?
I like half up half down, coz it keeps the hair off your face but it is still down. Also it looks like you have put a lot of effort into it. 

Smokey Eye or Bold Lip? 
Bold lip for summer. It is easier to wear and is lighter as far as summer makeup goes. 

Favourite perfume for summer? 
I don't really have a specific summer scent, but something cool and refreshing. 

Favourite summer music? 
My music taste doesn't change for summer but I am more likely to listen to songs on the charts. 
I currently like all of Ed Sheeran's album X, and MKTO's song classic. 

I am tagging: 
Katie from Katies View:
Gaby from Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up:

I don't know if these bloggers have already done this tag, whoops. So i am also tagging all of you to do it as well! 
Hope you enjoyed, I will be posting later today too! Also remember to follow me on instagram: geekchicnotes 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Holiday Fashion and Beauty Haul- #holidays1

Hey! Its phoebs :) 
I am going on holiday on a cruise in the near future and I wanted to start a blog series about it. There will be 4 parts - this haul, whats in my hand luggage, beach makeup tutorial and a holiday lookbook. I am quite excited for this and I hope you like all the posts. 

Firstly I went to New Look and got a couple of things. On a cruise there is a formal night where you get dressed up all fancy and I wanted a pair of shoes to look the part. I got these gorgeous heels for £22.99 and I am in love. 
I also purchased a royal blue bikini in a bandeau style from new look, I feel like the bandeau style suits me best. The bottoms were £4.99 and the top was £7.99. 

The knot tieing the straps together is un do-able, meaning you can adjust the length to get a perfect fit. 

Finally from New Look, I got some super cool sunglasses for £4.99. They seem like good quality and I just love these kind of sunglasses. 

My order from Next came yesterday so I will show you that too. I got another bandeau style bikini (completely coincidental) but in mint green. Its good coz I can mix and match the tops and bottoms from both now. 
(The camera doesnt show the colour as well) 

Finally I went to superdrug and purchased some beauty bits as a treat. I got another revlon concealer brush, which I use for eyeshadow (for my full brush collection, check out yesterdays post). These revlon brushes are a great size for travelling, so I got one more. 

I am a bit of a concealer addict and purchased the L'Oreal True Match Concealer. Due to its small size it is great for travelling. I am looking forward to using this. 
I wanted to get some colour on my body before I bare my skin in shorts and things, so I got this Garnier Sun Kissed Moisturiser. It is not a tanning lotion or fake tan, it is just a body moisturiser with a slight tint to it. I will be using this every night up until I leave to make sure it does its job haha. 

Finally I am jumping on the bandwagon and I got 2 Revlon Lip Butters. I thought these would be great for the beach and I may include one in the tutorial which you have to look forward to. Anyways I got them in the colours 096 macaroon and 027 juicy papaya. 

That is the end of my haul! I will be posting later on in the week for what is in my hand lugguage, and maybe an extra cheeky post, if I have time. 

P.s I got instagram! Follow me - geekchicnotes 

Disclaimer- I am not trying to brag and all of the items were bought with my own money, except the heels, which my mum bought me. Thanks mum!