Saturday, 26 July 2014

DIY Folders! #backtoschoolwithphoebs

Hey! Its phoebs :)
How depressing, my back to school series has started before my holiday series has ended. I will be finishing my holiday series soon though, so look out for that. Also, I will not be bombarding you with back to school posts, firstly coz along with the rest of the UK, I go back to school at the begining of september, so I don't want to ruin peoples summer with back to school posts haha. Saying that however, the majority of my readers are american, and you guys go back to school before us Brits, so I don't want to bore you guys with back to school posts in late August. 

I am dropping subjects for the first time ever, which means I have loads of extra folders from last year that will not be getting used. Also I want to have my work for next year in cool folders, so I thought I would spice up some old folders and use them as my music and drama folders for next year. This DIY is so simple, yet awesome because what usually happens is everyone buys their folders from the same shop, so with your DIY folders, no one has the same one as you! 

All you need: 
2 sheets of cool paper per folder - this can be anything from your doodles, wrapping paper, a printed off design or scrapbook paper, which is what I used. Just use what you have. 

With one sheet of your paper, fit it over the folder you want to revamp and fold it over the edges. 
Then I started from one side and glued to the other. What I mean is I glued the bit folded into the folder first, then I glued the paper covering the front and finally I glued the side bit. Basically, just glue it like side-front-side. A tip would be to put the glue on the folder not the paper, it was easier to work with. 
Glue glue glue. 

Finally repeat on the other side and then you are done! It is as simple as that. 
I like this paper coz it has room to write my name and the subject at the top. 
I like how the red border peeks out. 

I realise this is so easy, but I think it is an inexpensive way to make cute folders, coz nice folders are so overpriced. It is also great if you have boring folders lying around at home, but you want cool folders, it kills two birds in one stone eh? I just think it is a great, creative idea. 

If you guys recreate these folders please tweet/instagram them using the hashtag backtoschoolwithphoebs . It would be great to share all your ideas in one place! If you guys have any other back to diys, tweet/instagram a pic with the hashtag too, I would love to see. Finally if you have any back to school post requests, tweet me using the same hashtag, so I can see them in one place. 

I hope you enjoyed this posts and are looking forward for posts to come! I will have a beach makeup tutorial up tomorrow, so follow the blog on BlogLovin to get an update of when that is posted. 


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