Monday, 7 July 2014

Holiday Fashion and Beauty Haul- #holidays1

Hey! Its phoebs :) 
I am going on holiday on a cruise in the near future and I wanted to start a blog series about it. There will be 4 parts - this haul, whats in my hand luggage, beach makeup tutorial and a holiday lookbook. I am quite excited for this and I hope you like all the posts. 

Firstly I went to New Look and got a couple of things. On a cruise there is a formal night where you get dressed up all fancy and I wanted a pair of shoes to look the part. I got these gorgeous heels for £22.99 and I am in love. 
I also purchased a royal blue bikini in a bandeau style from new look, I feel like the bandeau style suits me best. The bottoms were £4.99 and the top was £7.99. 

The knot tieing the straps together is un do-able, meaning you can adjust the length to get a perfect fit. 

Finally from New Look, I got some super cool sunglasses for £4.99. They seem like good quality and I just love these kind of sunglasses. 

My order from Next came yesterday so I will show you that too. I got another bandeau style bikini (completely coincidental) but in mint green. Its good coz I can mix and match the tops and bottoms from both now. 
(The camera doesnt show the colour as well) 

Finally I went to superdrug and purchased some beauty bits as a treat. I got another revlon concealer brush, which I use for eyeshadow (for my full brush collection, check out yesterdays post). These revlon brushes are a great size for travelling, so I got one more. 

I am a bit of a concealer addict and purchased the L'Oreal True Match Concealer. Due to its small size it is great for travelling. I am looking forward to using this. 
I wanted to get some colour on my body before I bare my skin in shorts and things, so I got this Garnier Sun Kissed Moisturiser. It is not a tanning lotion or fake tan, it is just a body moisturiser with a slight tint to it. I will be using this every night up until I leave to make sure it does its job haha. 

Finally I am jumping on the bandwagon and I got 2 Revlon Lip Butters. I thought these would be great for the beach and I may include one in the tutorial which you have to look forward to. Anyways I got them in the colours 096 macaroon and 027 juicy papaya. 

That is the end of my haul! I will be posting later on in the week for what is in my hand lugguage, and maybe an extra cheeky post, if I have time. 

P.s I got instagram! Follow me - geekchicnotes 

Disclaimer- I am not trying to brag and all of the items were bought with my own money, except the heels, which my mum bought me. Thanks mum! 

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